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Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit from Stopmotion Explosion:A TOS Crew Review

Stopmotion Explosion Review
Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit  from Stopmotion Explosion 

Stopmotion Explosion Review
The Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit includes:
  •  Stopmotion Explosion Animate ANYTHING and Make MOVIES book
  • 720p HD camera with built in microphone, manual focus and clip 
  • Animation Software with everything you need 
  •  sound effects 
  •  sample movies
  • a storyboard template
  •  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 & OS X 5.1+ compatible 
The Bentz Test Laboratory was chomping at the bit to get a chance to explore and create with Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit  from Stopmotion Explosion!  After a brief wrestling match, my tester, who is 14, escaped with the prize.  

We got the complete kit which included everything he needed to get started.  I installed program, Stopmotion Explosion Animator, and an audio program called Audacity from the CD onto my laptop, and he was off.

In just a few minutes - he had created his first "movie" with his minifigures, right at the table.  It was that easy to use! 
My tester has dozens of ideas, and plenty of mini-figures - so, I basically lost him while he explored all he could do with his new prize.

The process is very easy to get started by simply following the Quick Start Guide.  Very quickly, he wanted more...he wanted cool sound effects, lighting, etc.  So, he spent time with the book - Stopmotion Explosion Animate ANYTHING and Make MOVIES.  This is exactly the learning process I have found produces success every time - ignite their interest in something, point them in the right direction...then get out of the way and let them learn!  This Kit was just the right spark to get him going :-)  

The book covers topics like:
    Stopmotion Explosion Review
  • How Movies Work
  • Animation Actors
  • Creating Stories
  • Building Sets
  • Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Animating
  • Flight
  • The Art of War
  • Sound
  • Video Editing
  • Files and Formats
  • Frame Conversions
  • Sharing Your Animations
  • Animating with DSLRs
  • What Next?
The book is easy to follow along with, with plenty of pictures, examples, and even links to video tutorials. From basic animation information to writing screenplays and publishing a completed movie - the book guides you along step-by-step.  It discusses lighting techniques,  special effects tricks, and much more.   He kept saying, "Oh - now I get it!"

We did need to download Windows Moviemaker to start adding the cool stuff to his video - it's easy and free.  My tester has used iMovie in the past, and told me to be sure to tell you... "Movie Maker" is easier.  The book is a valuable reference guide that he keeps going back to. 
This is his first movie:

Nothing beats the type of hands-on learning that this Kit provides!  My tester hurried through his "schoolwork" so he could spend time "having fun" Shhh...don't tell him he was really learning. In fact, if you need some "mommy quiet time" - just give them this and you won't see them until dinnertime!
I love that this Kit pulls together everything they need, except imagination.  This is a tool that they will use over and over.  
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Stopmotion Explosion Review
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