Monday, July 30, 2012


From their website:

"At Schoolhouse - You’ll have full access to daily, weekly, and monthly assignments for your students and tons more material for you. Every month after the initial one, it keeps coming—new daily, weekly, and monthly lessons. Spend time with the biggest names in online and home education: Kim Kautzer (writing), Diana Waring (history), Terri Johnson (geography), Adam Andrews (literature), the Hands of a Child team (lapbooking), Malia Russell (home economics), George Escobar (filmmaking)—and many more. Each month, new teachers in new subject areas will join the team. "

You will want to check out the handy Site Tour page - this is a gigantic, must-have,  homeschool resource!

Schoolhouse members have access to numerous resources and materials.  Each month that you are a member you can add to your library of homeschooling resources, unit studies, and encouragement with Schoolhouse Thematic Units, Curiosity Files, WannaBes, and WeE-books. (check it out here)

  One of my favorite features - members have FREE access to all the 2012-13 Schoolhouse Planners!  Yes, all 5 planners - including: Parent, Special Learners, Primary, Intermediate and High School editions are ALL available for you to download as a member!

So, you're thinking this is going to be spendy...right?  WRONG!  You get this amazing resource for just $1 the first month and $5.95 per month after that!  (that's one "fancy coffee" ladies - what are you waiting for?)  You don't have to committ to a contract, and can cancel anytime.

Each month's learning features a Monthy Theme.  You also will access to a monthly Reading List to go with your theme.  For example - July's theme is "Foreign Language". 
Weekly Lessons are available in 14 different subjects. Daily Assignments are available in Math, Grammar, Writing, Ditch-the-Desk (Hands on projects for K-5), Everyday Easels (art studies with hands-on ideas), Everyday Explorers (US and Canadian), Pre-K Activities, Everyday Shakespeare, This Day in History.

You have to see some sample pages!!  Here's an entire page of them to choose from!

The Bentz Test Laboratory could get lost in this HUGE resource.  If you like extra resources - they've got everything you could want! 

I particularly enjoyed being able to download each of the resources I was interested in for later use. Did you miss something?  Don't worry - you can find it in the archives!

One of our favorites has been the lessons from Figures in History - Dinosaurs on the Move. One of my testers is an avid dino-lover - and he was able to create standing cutouts, coloring pages and even hands-on fossil activites!

Another tester is a huge Shakespeare fan - guess what? - Schoolhouse has a entire daily section for him - Summer Shakespeare!

Lapbooking fans??  We particularly enjoyed July's Lapbooking Lessons from Hands of a Child - Summer Safety.  In fact - I personally killed both a Black Widow and a Brown Recluse this month.  I would have been prepared if they had gotten close enough to bite...

If you have a number of children to educate, or a tight budget - you will certainly want to check this out!  From High School Math to Pre-K,  you will find something for everyone!

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I was given a complimentary subscription in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


Zane Education

From their website:

"Zane Education's library of online subtitled video, online testing and assessment, quizzes and quiz questions have been specifically developed and produced for the teaching of the K-12 curriculum and are aligned to state, regional and national standards."

Zane's online visual learning solution includes 6 key components:
  1. The subtitled videos that teach the information - often called the curriculum.
  2. The quizzes that test - but also continue the learning process.
  3. The lesson plans - for lesson preparation and lesson activities.
  4. The video study tools - that enables students to fully explore each topic.
  5. The Study Centre - enables student to track progress and provides additional resources (re-opening soon - new features currently being added)
  6. The very affordable family subscription - remains the same irrelevant of number of children.
Subscription Options:
  • Basic Membership - Free access to demo versions of our 1,000+ curriculum videos 
  • Gold Membership - all videos for all subjects for all Grades - $17.99 per month or $197.89 per year
  • Silver Membership - all videos for all subjects for the chosen Grade - $12.99 per month or $142.89 per year
  • Bronze Membership - all videos for all Grades for the chosen Subject - $8.99 per month or $98.89 per year 
  • Topic Taster Membership - Provides access to the video(s) within in the SINGLE TOPIC you have chosen. - $5 per month
Select to pay a single annual payment (with the 12th month free), or a monthly recurring payment.

Discount Promotion Code: ZE568HSM for 35% discount on the purchase of any annual 12-month Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership subscription through until the end of August, 2012.

I found this quote very interesting - "Research indicates that more 40% of students are visual learners, preferring to be taught through video, pictures, diagrams, flow charts, timelines, films, and demonstrations." I agree wholeheartedly - actually, I'm pretty sure more than 40% of the testers at  Bentz Test Laboratory fit this description

Zane Education's "Missing Piece" is the use of subtitles with each and every video in their very EXTENSIVE collection.  Watch the following video of ex-President Bill Clinton recognising the value of that work and the importance of subtitles (described here as same-language subtitling) and note his comments about the Neilsen Research that indicated that the use of Subtitles on television doubled the number of functional early-age readers.

The Bentz Test Laboratory loved exploring this site!  There are endless opportunities to find a video matching what you want to learn about.  It could be overwhelming to the homeschool teacher, but Zane Education has provided several downloadable curriculum guides to help you navigate and locate what you are looking for.  For example,  The Christian Home Learning Guide, a 420-page publication specially written by Marshall Foster and Ron Ball, is a comprehensive publication that reviews all of the content and material introduced in the videos and demonstrates how it conforms to Biblical teachings and beliefs. 

We had a great time exploring all the options -  Science, Math, History, Art, Music, Literature, Religious Studies and more - you name it, they have a video for it - 260 topics, 1,500 videos! Jump in and watch for yourself with the "Free Educational Video of the Day".

The videos all loaded quickly and were of decent quality.  Some of them were a bit "old fashioned" according to my testers.  But, the information was all easy to understand, and their comprehension was better than if they had just read a paragraph or two on the particular subject.

Overall, I really like Zane Education as a supplement for any curriculum.  I'm always looking for ways to present our learning opportunities in a new format, and this is just the resource to use!  However, the main drawback is - it may be a bit spendy for the average homeschool budget, at least mine!

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I was sent a complimentary membership in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials

A description from their website:

 Each Easy-To-Understand Lesson Includes:
  • Each topic is clearly explained in a way that the student can easily understand.
  • A Helpful Hints section
  • Examples with simple step-by-step solutions
  • Written exercises
  • A short Review section that ensures that the student will remember what has been learned
        Includes free online access to video instruction! Each lesson in the book has a corresponding video lesson taught by America’s Math Teacher, Richard W. Fisher
  • No Fluff!
  • No Distractions!
  • Short, concise self-contained lessons
  • Each topic is explained in way that the student can easily understand
  • Lots of examples with fully explained step-by step solutions
  • Review built into each lesson to ensure mastery
  • Chapter tests and a final exam allow students to measure progress
  • Dramatically Improves Test Scores!
Use Rick Fisher's Mastering Essential Math Skills for 20 minutes a day as directed. If you don't see what you feel are dramatically improved math test scores, send them a note saying so. You'll receive a prompt, complete refund - no questions asked!

Here's a statistic you do NOT want to become..."Only 4 out of every 10 eighth graders are proficient in Math, and by grade twelve only 2 out of 10!"

The Bentz Test Laboratory is the perfect envirnoment for math curriculum testing!  We have the proficient, potentially proficient, and probably never-going-to-get-it math learners (opps, forgot - that's me that's never going to get math!)

My Testers were VERY impressed with No-Nonsense Algebra.  My oldest tester is considered the "math tutor" of the family... so, I started with his expert insight. 

The workbook begins with a clear introduction and explanation of each topic.  Helpful hints are included with tips and shortcuts.  Examples contain step-by-step solutions. The written exercises contain just enough in each lesson to master the topic - but not drown them in repetition.  This was my tester's favorite part of the program - short and to the point (only 20 minutes per day!).  Simple and straitforward, no dancing animals, or gimmicy games - just pure, simple algebra. (I guess that's how people with "math brains" think, I like any distraction when attempting math - but, maybe that explains alot...)Two thumbs up!

Each lesson includes review questions.  Chapter reviews and Final Exam are also included.  All answers are included at the back of the book.

My next tester really, really liked the video instruction.  He's the type who needs to see the problem being worked out, with clear explanation (not my strong suit..).  The videos are to the point, simple step-by-steo, and easy to understand.  No-Nonsense Algebra gets another two thumbs up!

I am quite impressed with this program, and did I metion it is a HUGE BARGAIN!!  I have paid much more than $27.95 for quality, algebra intruction - especially if it included a 24/7 expert math tutor!!

The Bentz Test Laboratory was also priviledged to take a peek at Mastering Essential Math Skills - GeometryJust $11.95 (see a sample here)

This book is another BARGAIN!  It has 29 review exercises (no video instruction), along with a Final Test.  Vocabulary, points, lines, planes, perimeter, area, volume, and the Pythagorean theorem are just some of the topics that are covered.  My testers are just beginning geomtery instruction, and they were able to jump right in and begin. I think this book would be a great tool for brushing up on the geometery topics, expecially before standardized testing or for summer practice. 

You will want to check out what the other member of the TOS Review Crew thought here.

I was sent a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jepper Peepers by Super Duper

From their website:
" Am I a monkey? A hamburger? An astronaut? How many questions will it take to find out?

That’s the question on everyone’s minds—or glasses—in Jeepers Peepers, The Ask and Answer Question Game that builds questioning skills, describing skills, categorizing skills, problem solving skills, and more! Have one student put on the glasses. Place a photo card in the Peepers slot without showing it to the student. Have the student face the other players and ask yes/no questions to find out what he/she is! Then, have everyone play!"
Jeepers Peepers comes with 101 photo cards in five categories: Animals, Food, People, Things, and Transportation.
Jeepers Peepers includes:
  • 6 pairs of Jeepers Peepers glasses
  • "My Cue Cards"
  • 101 photo cards (4" x 5")
  • Spinner and bingo chips
  • Instruction booklet

Cost: $29.95  Get 30% off if you purchase it before August 31, 2012! Just enter the coupon code: BLGJP30.

The Bentz Test Laboratory has found a new favorite game!  Jeepers Peepers has everyone playing here!

It's an easy game to pick up and start playing.  But, don't be fooled - there is some serious learning going on here! 

My Testers enjoyed having a game that everyone could play - ages 14-3.  And with several speech therapy clients, I was excited to see a game that was both fun for all, and helping develop skills we've been working on!

You put on the fun (or goofy...if you're 14 - but, he's a good sport!) glasses, put in a picture card and then you take turns asking questions to see what your picture is.  Here's where you get to sneak in the learning... with the asking questions!  The older children are working on deductive reasoning and categorizing, the youngers are expanding their vocabulary, learning shapes, colors and more.

Fun! Fun! Fun! 

Be sure to stop by Super Duper Publications and check out their HUGE catalog of products.  If you have any special need learners, you're going to love this resource!

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I was sent a complimentary game in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


TimeMaps by Knowledge Quest

From their website:
"The goal of TimeMaps is to communicate history in a truly engaging way. To do this, we use a combination of timelines, historical maps and encyclopedic entries merged together to deliver authoritative content that can be digested in an enjoyable way. TimeMaps are computer software files that use Flash - a free program from Adobe. Maps are shown in chronological order at the click of a button and progress at your timing, showing how civilizations, countries and continents have changed over time. Quizzes and encyclopedic entries are included and can be turned on and off at your discretion. "

 Price: US $9.95 each

TimeMaps Available Now:
  • Ancient China
  • Rise of the Roman Empire
  • Fall of the Roman Empire
  • The Rise of Islam
  • The Black Death
  • European Exploration
  • Rise of the Atlantic Slave Trade
The TimeMap Collection includes all 7 sets - 75 dynamic, animated maps, quizzes and encyclopedic information for each, as well as complete Teacher Notes with activities, map commentaries, timeline pages and student maps to label and color. All for just $44.95 (Save $24.70 over purchasing individual sets!)  CD Rom edition is $49.95.

Check out the demo video:

The Bentz Test Laboratory loves history and geography.  What could be better than an interactive historical map?!  (maybe chocolate ice cream, but it would be close second...)

TimeMap quotes from my Testers  "These are sooo cool mom, write a great review on these!",  "Most fun map I've ever seen, mom!", "Do we get to keep these?" 

If you have sons and/or visual learners, you will want to put this into their hands.  My testers loved being able to explore through the map, all the while learning and understanding the big picture!  (My girl testers loved it too...)  They were amazed to see how small the world was before European Exploration began, how much of the world experienced the Black Death -and the pockets which were spared from it, the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.  All so easy to see on these amazing maps!

Here's what I like about it - each TimeMap includes Teacher Notes! (I know, it's a sickness - but I love Teacher Notes)  These are such a valuable resource. Each set contains background information, activities, discussion questions, timelines and printable maps to boot!  Use it as a history curriculum, or a wonderful supplement to a history program- either way, you don't want to miss these.  More historical maps are in development. 

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I was sent a complimentary download and CD in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keyboarding for the Christian School - Elementary Version

From their website:

"This is the Christian Small Publisher's Exclusive E-Book winner for 2012! Download and own your award-winning copy today for only $12.95. This is great for students from grades K-5.

This version offers only the basics of learning the keyboard with the help of Miss Mabel the ladybug.

Why choose a printable e-book versus a web-based program? Think about the things you type. Are they readily available to copy from the screen or are they something that you are looking at on a piece of paper? Usually you are typing something from a rough draft. If the lessons are only available on the computer monitor; your student will not get the needed skill of transferring information from paper to the computer. A printable e-book allows you the preference of binding the whole book or just giving your student one page at a time. A printable e-book is portable and economical."

The Bentz Test Laboratory is well aquainted with Keyboarding for the Christian School, my older testers have all successfully used this program to develop their keyboarding skills.  Now, my younger students (K-5) have the same opportunity with the Keyboarding for the Christian School Large Font Elementary Version!

There are 32 Lessons.  The Touch Typing Technique list is a very useful checklist to get your student off to a great start.  We printed the ebook out and put it in a binder to keep next to the keyboard. (If you prefer pre-printed versions are available.) Keyboarding is such an essential skill in today's world, you will NOT want to wait until later to start...even young children can master this skill! 

My testers found the color coded key chart on the beginning lessons particularly helpful.  You can signup for their newsletter see a sample lesson here. The lessons are short, and easy to read (thanks to the large font!)  You can easily repeat the lessons as needed.  This isn't a gimicky, game based program.  It is - solid, touch typing instruction that you can use over and over with each child.

This program works very well.  Best of all - your children will be practicing their typing skills with Scripture! 

You can get a  special 20% discount using code SUMMER2012 (good though 8/29/12).

KEYBOARDING PACKAGE DEAL: Purchase both the Keyboarding for the Christian School, Revised Edition and the Elementary Edition for only $22! You save over 23%! 

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I was sent a complimentary download in exchange for my honest review as part of the TOS Review Crew.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who is Neighbor? And Why Does He Need Me?

Another great product from Apologia Ministries!

Who is Neighbor? And Why Does He Need Me?

I am a HUGE fan of this series,  Who is God?  and Who am I? (which I reviewed last year, read about it here) have been transformational in our family!!

Here's a description from their website:

"The third book in the award-winning What We Believe series helps children understand what it means to be salt and light to the world (Matthew 5:13-14). This study will encourage kids to develop a Christlike servant attitude based on these biblical truths: God created me to be a blessing to the world; God chooses to work through me; I can make a difference at home, in my community, and at church; the church is God's family; the church is one body with many gifts; and I am an important member of Jesus' body."


$39  - Textbook (beautifully done, hardcover!)
$24 - Notebooking Journal
$8 - Coloring Book

What's your worldview?   How you see the world, and what you believe determines the way you act.  I believe the single most important "subject" to teach in our homes is this - a Christian Worldview.   You cannot miss teaching this, everything else falls into line when you put developing your children's Christian wordlview first!  If we fail to do this, the world will eagerly fill in the blanks for them, you do not want to miss this opportunity to shape the next generation!

So, off the soapbox, and on to the practical... How do We do that?  First, you need to find a partner like Apologia Ministries. They have created a very easy to use - but complete, Christian Worldview Curriculum called the What We Believe Series.

The text is desgined for the elementary student ages 6-14.  You can see a Sample Lesson here.  You customize how you use it to your particular family.  At the Bentz Test Laboratory, we do this all together, with mom reading and numerous pauses for discussion (my favorite teaching method!). But, older students could easily pick this up and work through it independently.

Each lesson begins with The Big Idea, and is followed with short stories, Think About It questions, vocabulary words, Scripture verses to copy and memorize, character traits, prayers, discussion questions, and the final portion of each lessons is a story of an Encounter with Jesus.  Throughout this book you continue to build the House of Truth - a visual model of a Christian Worldview.

My favorite part of this course is the Notebooking Journal.  It is a full-color, spiral bound journal for them to create their personal learning journey.  The Coloring Book is a big hit for my  "littles" to keep them active while we are reading.

I wish I could invite you over for lunch (that's when we read together - I get to do all the talking while they are chewing...)  Who is my Neighbor? And Why Does He Need Me? has sparked so many great discussions and learning moments!  This series does a wonderful job of appealing to all learning styles.  The stories and information are presented in an engaging visual manner.  There are even recipes for your hands-on learners.  (The BBQ Bacon Burger was a big hit!)  The Apologia website has additional resources available to help you as well in their "bookextras" section.

Some of the themes discussed in this book are:

  1. Does Anyone Really Need Me?
  2. How Can I Make a Difference?
  3. Who Is My Neighbor?
  4. Why Did God Make Families?
  5. What Can I Do For My Country?
  6. Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
  7. Who Is God's Family?
  8. Why Does the Church Need Me?

I HIGHLY recommend this series - we are anxiously awaiting Book 4 of the Series!  See what the other members of the TOS Review Crew thought here.

I was sent complimentary copies in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Professor B Math

Teaching math was not in my homeschooling know - the one where "all-my-children-are-gathered-around-eagerly-awaiting-the-precious-drops-of-wisdom-and-instruction-dripping-from-my lips"...  The reality is more like this - "That's not helping me mom!".

If you can relate, Professor B may be just what you're looking for!  Here's help with actual Math Instruction, not just the drill and practice parts!

Here's a description from the website:

"Our program, "Mathematics Power Learning,", have thoroughly structured the content of arithmetic as a developmental, contextual flow (like a story). This allows children's minds to assimilate its content more quickly (in the same natural way they assimilate stories rapidly) without any gaps in their knowledge.

Kindergarten and first graders mastering the lower/higher addition/subtraction facts and reading numbers in the hundreds of trillions (fifteen-digit numbers).  Second graders mastering all multiplication facts and long division.  Fifth graders mastering “seventh grade math. Master 3 years of instruction in 1 year!”

There are 3 levels - find your proper starting point with a FREE Placement Test

Pre-k though 2nd graders and remediation of older learners. Introduction to Addition/Subtraction Facts – Counting to One Hundred – Lower Addition and Subtraction – Higher Addition and Subtraction – Place Value Fractional Parts & Order – Time – Money

3rd grade through 5th grade and remediation of older learners.Multiplication/Division Facts and Problem Solving – Introduction to Fractions – Fractional Equivalence – Addition and Subtraction Fractions

6th through 8th grades and remediation of older learners.Multiplication/Division of Fractions – Decimals – Percents


One Level - $20 per month
Two Levels (at the same time) - 2nd level is  $15 per month
Three Levels (at the same time) - 3rd level is $10 per month

Or - NEW PRICE - Pay in advance: $100 for 3 years access to each level.  Call 678-765-6655 while website is being updated!

The Bentz Test Laboratory has several "math brained" testers and several who are more like me..."not so math brained" testers.
My first tester has struggled with math concepts consistently since the very beginning.  After pinpointing a weak spot - telling time, we sat down to work through Professor B together.  This is not a program to let your child work independently on, you need to be there with them for it to be effective.  It also has no sound, you read the screen and listen to their responses (designed this way on purpose - you can read their philosophy here).  At first, my tester did not like how slow or repetitive the program was... but, I have to tell you - she can tell time now!! Believe me, we have been working on this skill for what seems like a long TIME, and just a few minutes with Professor B has gotten her able to completely tell time - hours/minutes, everything!

My older testers are more "math brained" and really thought the Professor B was a little too childish for them, plus - since they have math brains - the repetitive instruction was too slow for them. 

I like this program.  It focuses on the math instruction, the part I need the most help with.  I like that you have to work together with your child - one of the biggest benefits (maybe I'll actually master those concepts after all these years...).  It's a very simple presentation - no distractions, rewards or games.

I'm not sure it's a good fit for a large family though.  The cost is rather high, and the time committment (while I like that part) would get substantial with multiple children using it.

But, if you have hit a wall in teaching a math concept - I strongly encourage you to give Professor B a try - they offer a free trial lesson.

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I was sent a free subscription in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lightening Lit & Comp by Hewitt Homeschooling

"The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug" - Mark Twain

From their website:

British Medieval Lightning Lit 

33% Off
Student’s Guide Reg 29.95 Sale 19.75
Teacher’s Guide Reg 2.95 Sale 1.95

Students read in the following order:

•Beowulf (epic poem; anonymous author)
•Anglo-Saxon riddles (text is in this Guide)
•Piers the Ploughman (epic poem; possibly by William Landland)
•York Mystery Play Cycle 42, The Ascension (play; anonymous author; text is in this Guide)
•Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (epic poem; anonymous author)
•Selection from The Gest of Robyn Hode (epic poem; anonymous author; (text is in this Guide)
•"St. Thomas Becket" from The Golden Legend (biography; anonymous author; (text is in this Guide)
•Selections from The Canterbury Tales (tales by Geoffrey Chaucer)

"Lessons include story telling, imagery, symbolism, characterization, persuasive writing, drama, and description. For example, Beowulf is used to teach foreshadowing, Piers the Ploughman teaches allegory, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight teaches tone. This course makes an excellent companion for studying Medieval History.

The Student's Guide includes comprehension questions, writing exercises, discussion questions, an additional reading list, semester and full-year schedules, and a bibliography. Answers to the comprehension questions are in the Teacher's Guide."

Welcome to Lightning Literature & Composition by Hewitt Homeschooling Resources -

I was very excited to get a chance to take a look at this popular program. It begins with the question...."Why read great literature?" This course will give your student the answer to this question, and hopefully will have them answering "For Pleasure!".

The British Medieval Student Guide made a great first impression.  It is organized very clearly, and you will be able to pick it up and dive right in - just what a busy homeschool mom with high schoolers needs!

There are 4 units with 2 lessons each.  Introduction, Comprehension Questions, Literary Lesson and Writing Exercises.  You can cover it in one semester or one full year (both schedules are outlined for you in the VERY affordable Teacher's can't afford not to buy it for just $1.95!)

Since the Bentz Test Laboratory has just discovered this resource, we have not been following the Lightning Literature Scope & Sequence.  We did not have a problem jumping right in to the highest level (even though my tester is just entering the 9th grade).  It matches exactly where we are currently at in our history study.

My tester is an avid reader, and had no problem in reading the selections (several of them are family favorites already...) 

The Comprehension Questions were just the right amount - I hate to kill the love of reading with having to answer too many written questions, don't you! 

What he enjoyed the most was the Literary Lesson. For Beowulf he learned "foreshadowing."  I appreciated that each literary element studied is clearly explained (to the student) in this section.  I don't need to  read the literature selection, or the Teacher Guide in order for my student to learn the concept. (Although, you will want to read their literature selections!)

The Unit concludes with a variety of Writing Exercises.  Once again, the invaluable Teacher Guide gives you Grading Tips and Templates you won't want to miss. 

The Introduction clearly defined literature and writing expectations.  Additionally, several "Activities to Enhance Your Study" are recommended.  My tester decided to keep a vocabulary notebook as part of his active reading. 

The Appendix Section at the end of the Student Guide should not be overlooked.  Discussion questions (great literature just begs for a great discussion!)  Additional Reading Selections, and Schedules will all be valuable tools for your student!

Check out a sample to see for yourself.

I was very impressed with this course, you will want to check out the other levels of Lightning Lit & Comp, as well as , Hewitt Homeschooling Resource's other hand-picked products. (They offer a full 90 day return policy)

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I was sent a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.