My Favorites

Since I have Curriculum ADD (no known cure...) This can change without prior notice!

When asked what "type" of homeschooler I am... I usually reply - "I'm definitely a classical, Charlotte Mason, textbook, Unit study, with a little relaxed (and a little uptight) homeschooler" (except for swimming lessons, of which I'm definitely an unschool approach) - How about you?

So, here's our family favorites:

Hands Down.... Unit Studies Amanda Bennett - Her studies are so easy to do, and my entire crew loves them!

I'm also a HUGE fan of Mystery of History - we finally understand how God and Man's history are one in the same! Thanks Linda Hobar!

Math is not my strong point, so my 14 yr old's recommendation is anything that doesn't require mom to try to explain it... He loves Teaching Textbooks and Life of Fred (we all love Life of Fred - even the mathamatically challenged ones!)

Institute for Excellence in Writing is our first choice for writing. All I have to say is "where was this when I was in college?" I would have actually written some of those papers without so much pain had I known about the KWO!

Sonlight can not be beat for literature choices! I began a "straight Sonlight" mom, but that old ADD got the better of me, and of course 8 kiddos in 12 years didn't help. But, I have built our home library and literature selections from their suggestions.

Spanish - La Clase Divertida is the BEST Spanish program we have ever tried, and believe me - we tried them all! Senor Gamache is a great teacher, and their customer service can't be beat!

I'm sure I'll have more favorites - but right now, someone has a dry erase marker - and I gotta run!