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Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 from The Old Schoolhouse : A TOS Crew Review

Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review
Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review
Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 from 
The Old Schoolhouse

Hurray! A planner that is designed especially for homeschool moms!  The Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 from The Old Schoolhouse is a 192 page, spiral bound planner - full of special goodies just for us!

It features one page, full-year calendars for 2016, 2017, 2018 at the beginning.  What a great way to see a big-picture view.

Then, monthly calendars follow for the year.  I love that this planner features July 2016 - June 2017 - the same as our school year! Each Month has a 2 page spread and a page for notes.  My favorite part is the encouraging "Hey, Mama" notes on each month.  They are reminders written with the homeschool mama in mind, they feel like a gentle hug from a trusted friend.

Following the monthly calendars, the "meat" of this planner is the customizable "Week of...." pages.  This gives you space to personalize the planner to meet your own needs.  With 7 rows and 5 columns - you decide how to use it.  A row or column for each child?  For each subject?  The sky's the limit!

I like to use these pages to specifically plan my Co-op classes  listing each subject and the date in the rows/columns and using it to add in my resources, details and supplies I might need.  I like being able to see my entire week planned out for the classes I am teaching.

Scattered throughout this edition are snapshots of "tools" from early America.  From Cast Iron skillets to will discover something new and interesting.

One of the most invaluable components of this planner is the Goal planning pages.  5 pages each (1 per kid...make copies if you need to :-) of Monthly, Semester and Yearly Goal pages.  The pages have room to record goals on a variety of  topics - Educational, Spiritual, Physical, Personal Talents, Life Skills, Financial and Relational.  I like to start out the year with at least an idea of what I want to see in each of my children in these areas.  The planner lets you keep it all in one convenient spot as well!

Other forms are included as well - Attendance Charts, Books Read This Year & Curriculum Planning (LOVE) enough for up to 5 children to each have their very own page.

A handy Homeschooling Contact List helps keep all those important numbers in one spot.  Your hubby will thank you for this info being there, should he need it! (especially if he finds himself subbing at Co-op - trust me!)

Additional treats for the homeschool mom are included too:

  • Writing Prompts 
  • Story Starters 
  • The Thirteen Colonies 
  • Timeline of Inventions 
  • US Presidents & Wives (super handy for an election year...) 
  • Branches of Government 
  • US States & Capitals 
  • Creating an Academic Transcript 
  • Checklist and Skills Learned record forms 
  • Other Courses 

This is a beautiful, and functional calendar.  It offers plenty of space to customize it to you and your family.  You won't be disappointed!

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Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review

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