Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day in ARKANSAS!

It does snow in Arkansas! We woke up feeling like we were "home"! After an extensive search - I was able to find coats, boots, mittens, hats, scarves all times 7 (thankfully Esther didn't want to go out!)
It gave me a moment of relief that I don't have to do this every day!
The kiddos had a great time out in the snow, and the best part for me - the snow will be gone by Monday!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just a couple more...

Sorry to Joshua for including him in the "after" picture, but since he was in the throws of potty-training while I was attempting to get a few pictures, he made the blog! Hey, anyone who's been through the potty training thing - knows that he spent more time here than anywhere else!
Anyway - back to the house...
The before had lovely wallpaper (several layers thick and peeling in places) and lovely pink painted drawers... this was not something the boys were excited about!
The after is our very own tribute to the Vikings! Please no comments about the end of the season and the toilet... we are still recovering from the disappointment and yes - Josh's "pants on the ground"!

Here's another One

Here's another one of the dramatic redos... The master bathroom. The before featured two interesting wallpaper choices - one on top of the other... actually papered in opposite directions? Did someone either run out of paper, or inspiration to continue?
Our after is a textured wall with "Svelte Sage" paint - I'm hoping the paint name helps me look "svelte" - what do you think?

Before and After

I promised some before and after pictures of the house....

This is a before picture of the girls bathroom. Yes, that is several layer of different wallpaper - with sheet music individually pasted on. And - as a final touch, there are lovely (if you like that type of thing) Fish stamped randomly around the room... including on light switches. The vanity drawer faces were painted in a white-wash, antiqued lavendar. Not quite the effect we would have gone for.

And - the after picture! Isn't it cute!! We painted it a light green that matches the ceilings in the girls rooms (it's a Jack and Jill bathroom that connect them), added a striped shower curtain and rugs, a couple of cute Dollar store cups and Wall decals that match their bedspreads (from Target) All in all - not too bad for someone like me that is "decorating challenged".