Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Great Bentz Plague of 2009

Merry Christmas!

We survived the Great Bentz Plague of 2009!

Our family picture was taken only a few hours before the dreaded words every mom hates to wake up to at 1:30 am on Christmas morning, "Mommmmm - Josh is throwing up everywhere!"

So, out of bed, wash the boy, wash the floor, throw away the stuffed animals (2 down - 14 to go!), wash the sheets, wash the Christmas jammies, crawl back in bed...

Wake up at 4:30 - Visiting Aunt and cousin are also throwing up.

Get up - begin the child torment of making them wait on the steps until Dad is ready to go down and see the stockings! (my favorite part of the day!)

After stockings - clean up the mess of a toddler (who is still quite sick), and put on the delicious Bentz Fruit Soup (loving made the night before...) Hear calls to "come quick" - Josh needs your help, Aunt needs help, Cousin needs help. Okay - done - back to the soup... Served to all able to keep food down. Noah remarks - "this tastes like BBQ" - wait - I know it's not everyone's favorite (we're Bentzs - we eat it anyway!) but BBQ? SO, I taste it - burnt to the crisp Fruit Soup does taste like it came off Matt's grill. YUCK! Throw the whole pot in garbage.

Now, on to presents - but, it takes along time while we wait for people to rush to the bathroom, or wake them up after being sick... again.

Ahhh, finally done with Christmas Day - Misha (our dog) only ate the head off two new toys and two ornaments today - she must be a little off as well... she ususally polishes off a couple more per day...

Now off to bed - tomorrow has to be better,right? Well in the next 4 days - all 15 people get this terrible reminder of the Great Bentz Plague 2009! I fell prey to it the day that all guests were well enough to travel home...

I do think my newest invention will be the "Lysol Fogger" - just empty the house - and it fogs every nook and cranny to remove all germs.

With that over, it's time to climb Mt. Laundry!

I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring...