Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just a plain update

I've been getting requests for an "update".... For all of you who are "wondering" - I am not pregnant... to my knowledge anyway. Given our past history, and Esther's current age (9 months) - you're entitled to "wonder". I'll let you know.

So, here's our update - We are still unpacking. I actually have taken a break from my goal of "a box a day". Truthfully, I am just sick of cardboard! I'm considering having a garage sale and selling everything still in a box "as is" - a surprise for everyone! One problem, there are dozens of objects that I remember having in a past life, but haven't found yet...

The kiddos are starting to settle in here. We are now just as busy as we were in MN. Piano, Violin, Ballet, Basketball, AWANA, Couples Group, Art/Music/Writing Classes, CHEF Homeschool group activies... No wonder I'm tired. But, God is so good - and a new family with 12 and 10 year old sons just moved in next door!

We are recovering from "The Great Bentz Plague of 2009" - Part II (see my after Christmas post...)

Being the curriculum junkie that I am, I am trying out for an unpaid job .(Matt is so happy for me to be "working" - I haven't told him the salary = $0.00) - I am reviewing curriculum for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. The kiddos are right now "testing" out a study about Australia - look for my "review"coming soon. Actually, we're having fun learning new words - our favorite - "Essie has a nasty nappy - who wants it?" Essie says da-da-da - so we know she wants his help!

I have also volunteered to Coordinate the Local Bible Bee contest. This is a very exciting nationwide event. Childern compete at a local level in Scripture memorization and Bible knowledge, then the top 100 competitors in each age group advance to a National Bee in Washington DC. Last year (the first year it was held) Conway had 2 children qualify for the National contest! Best of all, everyone wins - the "worst" you can do is put alot of God's Word into your heart and mind! But, the winners can win some serious cash! (can we say -Scholarship fund!!!)

That's about it for an update... I'd love to hear from all of you!