Friday, December 20, 2013

American Girl Club - Colonial Christmas Party

I just had to bring this one back - We really "outdid" ourselves this time!

For our American Girl club this month - we went all out and had a "Colonial Christmas" party.  We brought out the china, silver, even the cloth napkins!  Everyone dressed in their finest, colonial style (or at least, our interpretation of it.) The MCA - aka...Masculine Club of Awesomeness, even participated - they "Did Hard Things" and put into practice what they've learned by serving our young ladies.

I think I had almost as much fun setting up the house for the 42 (yes, 42..) place settings!  Every mom dusted off the china and brought out the table linens.  My house looked amazing!

Our "craft" for this night was assembling the Fruit Pyramid centerpieces.  I am in love with our handiwork...pretty impressive I'd say!

After our dinner was finished, we treated several homes in our neighborhood to a "large" group of dressed up "colonials" singing Christmas Carols.  I think we were a hit!

What an enchanted evening it was!  The food was amazing - Smoked Turkey, Venison Stew, Beef Pie, Sweet Potatoes with Apples, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and homemade bread.  Dessert was Raspberry Flummery and the most amazing Bread Pudding anyone has ever tasted!  Punch, Cider and Egg Nog as well.

The American Girl Moms - amazing women!

Our Colonial Young Ladies (with their best manners...)

The "Littles" even had silverware!  The knives were a big hit....

The MCA Men - they clean up nicely!

How will we top this evening?


  1. That looks like such a fun time for everyone. Amazing fruit pyramids!

  2. I've enjoyed doing my American Girls activities with my club group. This looks AMAZING!

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