Friday, December 20, 2013

A "Last-Minute-No-Mess-Even-Your-Kids-Can-Make-Them" Cookie

Ok - I'm not much of a cook...  BUT, if you need a"Last-Minute-No-Mess-Even-Your-Kids-Can-Make-Them" Cookie recipe , I'm here for you!

Here you go:

Heat oven to 200 degrees (not hotter, did you know you can actually burn chocolate kisses?  Don't ask how I know this...)

Place a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie sheet

Have your child lay out a layer of pretzels (we like the holiday shape ones from Sam's Club)

Put a chocolate kiss on each pretzel (you can use Hugs too, for a stripey look)

Heat for 4 min.

Firmly press an M & M into each kiss

PLUS A BONUS Recipe for you (these are highly addicting, make with caution & self-control, or give away immediately!):

THIS YEAR we went wild, we melted Rolo candies (follow the same recipe as above) and pressed in a pecan.  Presto - we had "turtle treats"!

We can really mass produce these treats around here, good thing too - we eat as many as we make!

It was so much fun that we made 33 (YES!) gift boxes for my hubby's co-workers in just a short time.

I picked up these adorable treat boxes at Christmas clearance last year (75% off!)  So, we put a couple of our treats in a cute baggie, added a candy cane, some hot chocolate, and some more candy for color - and we had an adorable treat.  Looks like we spent hours - but, we didn't!

Best part - just throw away the parchment paper, and clean up is done too!

Merry Christmas!

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