Sunday, December 30, 2012

A White Christmas in Arkansas!

The first white Christmas in Arkansas in 80 years!!

Christmas Morning - the Christmas Pj's are snowman faces with snowflake pants... was it a prediction?

After a day of rain and sleet - the snow started coming down.. A rare "thundersnow" weather pattern settled in for the evening.

Our Christmas concert by the kiddos (violin & piano - another family tradition) was candlelight, snow falling and the lights glittering.  Christmas perfection!

Good morning - Winter Wonderland - unfortunately, our Bradford Pear and Magnolia trees didn't like the heavy snow/ice as much as we did...

The "official" measurement on our deck...10.5" of beautiful white!
Oh yeah, now I remember winter - it's hats, boots, mittens, snowpants, scarves - times 8!  They were out for the fun before it was even light outside...  Essie (our little southern belle) lasted about 5 minutes.

Of course, if you go outside - you have to come in for hot chocolate.  This ritual continued - over and over all day long!

Our first "upside-down-snowman" - they met the challenge issued to build one.  Love Lydia's face... that snowball in her hand, yes - she dared!

The MN born teenager built his snowman in a t-shirt - just to prove how tough he really is!
And for desert... Snow Ice Cream - of course!

The Best Christmas Ever!!!  
Southern snow - I love it,  we get to have all the fun and enjoyment of a snow holiday, but - it's gone a few days later.
Our snowman takes his final bow to Mr. Sun! 


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

November Remembers...

November 2011 - We welcomed "Grandpa Bob" into our family.  A random walk down bath house row in Hot Springs, a casual conversation with a complete stranger, and before we knew it - an angel added to our family and celebrating Thanksgiving with us at our table!

December 2011 - Grandpa Bob - formerly grandchildless.... spends an evening listening to the oohhs and ahhs of everyone at the Holiday light display - "What a beautiful group of grandkids you have!"  Proud as a peacock of each and everyone of them.  Known to carry multiple pictures of them to show everyone met!  Grandpa Bob's "Super 8".


March 2011 - Easter Celebration.  Grandpa Bob, now fully one of us, celebrates the promise of Life with our family. A beautiful family day, smoked turkey, easter eggs and the biggest basket of chocolate bunnies we had ever seen!

May 2011- Ice cream, pizza and soccer with Grandpa Bob.  A guided tour around his hometown to show us off.  Gigi the wonderdog by his side.  A ride in his hotrod (1957 style!)  All around a perfect day!

Nom-Noms = Yum-Yums

November 2012 - A doctor's visit, a fatal diagonisis, a whirlwind of preparation, a tearful "see you later" and  4 short weeks later -  our angel celebrates Thanksgiving at Jesus' table... 

We grieve and rejoice - what a gift we were given!

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.  Hebrews 13:2

Sunday, December 16, 2012

American Girl - Time for Kirsten!

Our American Girl Club/MCA is back!  We kicked off the year with Kirsten - the pioneer girl.

Let me catch you up... We have 7 families, with a total of 37 1/2 kids!! (one of us is, not me!)

13 American Girls
11 MCA (masculine club of awesomeness - what else would teenage boys call themselves?)
6 Half-Pints (had to create a new group this year...they want projects too!)
7 Littles - with a new baby due at the end of the year!

This is our 3rd year together. 

Here is a recap of our first meeting.    Beautiful, but noisy!

Tin Can Luminaries:  add water and freeze to create the strong interior to keep can from crushing.  Then use a hammer and nail to create your own pinhole design.

This was a good activity for outside in the garage!

Handmade candles:  melt the parafin wax, add the delicious scent (pick your favorite!)  Color with a melted crayon.  Pour wax into dixie cups with wick suspended.  Peel away cup and enjoy!

The MCA began the Start Here book by the Harris brothers.  They are eager to continue their "Do Hard Things" theme...  a 30 Hour Famine may be in the works for this year.  Teenage boys willing to go without food for God's plan?  Could be BIG!!

Our Half-Pints had fun with Harold and the Purple Crayon - and making their own creations.  And of course, playing outside together!

What cute little Half-pints....

Meet the Future MCA!

Our Second Annual Christmas Party is coming soon...can't wait!