Sunday, December 30, 2012

A White Christmas in Arkansas!

The first white Christmas in Arkansas in 80 years!!

Christmas Morning - the Christmas Pj's are snowman faces with snowflake pants... was it a prediction?

After a day of rain and sleet - the snow started coming down.. A rare "thundersnow" weather pattern settled in for the evening.

Our Christmas concert by the kiddos (violin & piano - another family tradition) was candlelight, snow falling and the lights glittering.  Christmas perfection!

Good morning - Winter Wonderland - unfortunately, our Bradford Pear and Magnolia trees didn't like the heavy snow/ice as much as we did...

The "official" measurement on our deck...10.5" of beautiful white!
Oh yeah, now I remember winter - it's hats, boots, mittens, snowpants, scarves - times 8!  They were out for the fun before it was even light outside...  Essie (our little southern belle) lasted about 5 minutes.

Of course, if you go outside - you have to come in for hot chocolate.  This ritual continued - over and over all day long!

Our first "upside-down-snowman" - they met the challenge issued to build one.  Love Lydia's face... that snowball in her hand, yes - she dared!

The MN born teenager built his snowman in a t-shirt - just to prove how tough he really is!
And for desert... Snow Ice Cream - of course!

The Best Christmas Ever!!!  
Southern snow - I love it,  we get to have all the fun and enjoyment of a snow holiday, but - it's gone a few days later.
Our snowman takes his final bow to Mr. Sun! 


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