Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Isn't God just amazing?   He speaks in the most unexpected places.... for instance - Target checkout!

Yes, Target checkout.  My cashier shared these verses with me as I was checking out.  And, she shared her gift of prophecy too.  

Some of her words - "3 years ago - you felt like you stood alone, but pressed into God",  "You are called to ministry - especially ministry to women",  "Your children are musical, and one is going to write a song",  "The daughter you're worried about is going to be just fine",  "2018 is going to be a year of healing".

Not only all that - but, she shared these verses - took my number and texted them to me several days later!

Just like God - to send his WORD, right in Target checkout, exactly when I needed it most!

I just love him...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

NYE - 2018

I'm a tad behind... here's our New Year's Eve 2018!

We celebrated with dear friends - chili, games, and the much requested "NYE Bags!"

The bags are filled with small treats - candy, glow sticks, beads, noisemakers (note to self... make those later in the evening!), and sparklers.

They are each labeled with a time - and they get to open them throughout the night.  We did every 1/2 hour this year.

 Gotta save these glasses... these are our 2018 Seniors!

Friday, January 12, 2018

UFO - 2017

My sweet daughter has inspired me to finally complete those UFO's (unfinished objects!)  that have been in my quilting stash... 

Last year - I finished a quilt for our bed - a Irish colorwash, which we have LOVED!  And, we did a "home quilt makeover" for my hubby's quilt.

This year - the Double wedding ring table runner is done! 

And, I even completed a Christmas table runner too :-)  But, I forgot to snap a picture before it got put away. 

I love that girl's ideas...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A New Year

Happy New Year

This is actually our Christmas Eve picture.  I love this one!  It captures us perfectly.  It's our last picture before we started the cancer journey...again.  Matt's Dr. discovered a tumor the Friday before Christmas.  This picture was during the "waiting" to find out what we were facing...  

I love these people.  God is good, all the time!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas Memories - 2017

One of my favorite family traditions is our Christmas gift name exchange.

We draw names on the first day of Advent.  However, instead of just buying a gift, all the gifts have to be hand made, and under $10.   My girls love it, my boys get a bit stretched :-)

Everyone loves their gifts - and they are blessed in the process of making them too!

Here's a recap of this year:

Chloe to Lydia - Succulents in Goodwill teacups, so adorable for our resident botanist.

Essie to Selah - an adorable painted animal and a pretty new headband.

Luke to Sam - A canvas with his favorite missionary quotes in a collage.

Sam to Essie - a BIG E - she loves it!

Matt to Chloe - he made a  mini covered wagon,  I sorta was in the moment and missed the pic ;-)

Selah to Noah - a jar of "Elf Snot" slime with a candy surprise inside.

Josh to Matt - floss wrapped pens in all the MN team colors and Soduku book. 

Noah to Luke - the "tradition" continued with a candy-scavenger hunt.  The clues all had a rhyming broadway theme.  So fun!!

Since I'm the camera girl - no one took a picture of mine.

Selah to Mom - a quilted "correcting" kit - complete with red pens, supplies and my favorite candies!  I love it!!