Sunday, December 16, 2012

American Girl - Time for Kirsten!

Our American Girl Club/MCA is back!  We kicked off the year with Kirsten - the pioneer girl.

Let me catch you up... We have 7 families, with a total of 37 1/2 kids!! (one of us is, not me!)

13 American Girls
11 MCA (masculine club of awesomeness - what else would teenage boys call themselves?)
6 Half-Pints (had to create a new group this year...they want projects too!)
7 Littles - with a new baby due at the end of the year!

This is our 3rd year together. 

Here is a recap of our first meeting.    Beautiful, but noisy!

Tin Can Luminaries:  add water and freeze to create the strong interior to keep can from crushing.  Then use a hammer and nail to create your own pinhole design.

This was a good activity for outside in the garage!

Handmade candles:  melt the parafin wax, add the delicious scent (pick your favorite!)  Color with a melted crayon.  Pour wax into dixie cups with wick suspended.  Peel away cup and enjoy!

The MCA began the Start Here book by the Harris brothers.  They are eager to continue their "Do Hard Things" theme...  a 30 Hour Famine may be in the works for this year.  Teenage boys willing to go without food for God's plan?  Could be BIG!!

Our Half-Pints had fun with Harold and the Purple Crayon - and making their own creations.  And of course, playing outside together!

What cute little Half-pints....

Meet the Future MCA!

Our Second Annual Christmas Party is coming soon...can't wait!

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