Thursday, June 13, 2013

American Girl - Kirsten's final Meeting

Our American Girl year has come to and end...  Kirsten's final project - soap whittling.  After some discussion, we decided that the girls weren't ready for real knives and wood whittling, so we did the next best thing - good, old ivory soap!

This is what our sample looked like...pretty impressive (no, I didn't do this one!  I was with the MCA - planning a future "big thing" for them to attempt)

 Tools of the trade, and the "leftovers". 

A couple of the finished projects from one of my daughters - I think she was attempting a fish and bear? 
Several lessons we learned - this is a lot harder than it looks!  Plus, your floors will be clean once you mop up all those soap shavings.  (did I mention how glad I am it wasn't at my house this time...)
Stay tuned - it looks like changes are underway for our American Girls next year!

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