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Memoria Press - Geography I: A TOS Crew Review

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Memoria Press - Geography I  - The Middle East, North Africa, and Europe
From their website:
"Geography of  the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe covers the area that constituted the ancient Roman Empire. Each region is explored in its historical context in “History’s Headlines,” as well as in the present in “Tour of Today.” Your student will learn countries and capitals of today and relate them to the ancient lands of the Greeks and Romans, deepening his understanding of both the past and the present."  Grades 4-8.

  Geography I Text Sample

Cost  - Fourth Grade Geography Set - $48.00 (may be purchased indivually)
  • Geography I Text - $14.95
  • Geography I Workbook - $11.95
  • Geography I Teacher Guide - $12.95
  • United States Review Student - $5.00
  • United States Review Key, Quizes, and Tests - 7.95

The United States- Review of States & Capitals
"This study guide will help students retain the knowledge they gained in their study of States & Capitals by reviewing each region of the U.S. four times throughout the school year. This review takes very little time and makes a great companion to Geography I: The Middle East, North Africa, and Europe."

The Bentz Test Laboratory is way into geography this year! (Can I brag a little... my testers finished 1 & 2 at our County Geography Bee, and my winning son qualified as a state competitor of the National Geographic Bee - shameless bragging... I'm sorry!)  Back to the review. 

We are familiar with Memoria Press (We have used their excellent Prima Latina program  - check out what the other reviewers thought of it)  This was our first peek at their Geography 1 package. 

Geography 1 covers the Middle East, North Africa & Europe - basically any ground previously ruled by the Roman Empire!   The goal of this curriculum is for "students to master the identification of each country on a map".  Each country is introduced, basic information included in the "Fast Facts" section.  Additionally, "History Headlines", "Tours of Today", and other interesting items to note are included for each country.  The goal is not to study this area in depth, but - to master the locations on a map. After reading the information, the student completes a page in the Student Workbook, and a mapping exercise. Quizzes and Tests are included in the Teacher Guide

With that clearly explained, the Student Text and Student Workbook accomplishes this goal.  My testers reviewed 3 countries a week.  What a great way to introduce them to this IMPORTANT area of the world!  I am appalled at the general state of geographic illiteracy in our world today.  I feel, it is a duty of Christians to know world geography if they wish to raise children to go change the world for Christ!  (just a note from my personal soapbox...) 

This is a very easy, useful and straight forward way to begin encouraging your children to become geographically literate.   The short paragraphs include many interesting facts that will inspire your children to want to dig deeper.  My tester's favorite section was the full color flags included at the end.  The maps are large enough for easy labeling.  We added some prayer time to each lesson - praying for each country as we studied it. (not an official part of the curriculum, just something we do every time we study a country).   

The Teacher's Guide includes all the Student Workbook pages with answers.  Nice for mom, who needs to spend more time becoming geographically literate herself...

The United States Supplement concentrates on learning State & Capitals (a summer goal for us).  The United States is split into 8 regions to study.  Student identify the state on a blank map in Section 1, and match each capital to it's correct state in Section 2.  In Section 3 - the student names the state when given the capital.  Finally, Section 4 asks them to identity state & capital using the numbers on the maps. Memoria Press recommends spending about 8 weeks on each section (covering each region a total of 4 times).  Tests & Exams are included.

My testers plan to take the Student Workbook with on our family vacation this summer, and see how many of the states we travel through. Bonus points for the correct capital!  (we love to play the license plate game on road trips, how about you?)

This is an affordable program, easy to do, and really helps create awareness of the world map! 


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