Monday, June 17, 2013

God of the Untouchables - Getting Ready for India

My son and I are going to India this fall!  Recently, we both read this book - God of the Untouchables, by Dave Hunt and had to write a review as part of our "homework".  My son is much better at book reports - read his here.  (I'm a little out of practice).  This is an amazing book!

 My Review of God of the Untouchables by Dave Hunt

 God of the Untouchables  is a story of faith, courage and redemption’s power.  This is the story of Paul Gupta, a former High-Caste Hindu.   Paul’s early life was completely immersed in Hinduism.  His family was successful, yet he felt something missing.  During his teens and college years, Paul steals from his family.  Condemned by his sin, he searched for forgiveness, meaning, and redemption.  His Hindu upbringing did not offer an answer to his sin.  One day he heard a Christian missionary telling of Jesus’ forgiveness and cleansing of his sin.  He became a follower of Christ.

His conversion to Christianity came with great personal cost.  He was disowned by his family and friends, and left to find his own way at a young age.   His search for the truth led him to be fully immersed in baptism.  Even this step of obedience to Christ, only caused more human separation for Paul.  He was determined to follow Jesus, and Jesus only – regardless of the cost.

Eventually, through many trials, Paul is led to start the Hindustan Bible Institute and follow the call to train more Indians to reach the many desperate to hear the good news.   Paul is taught to rely on God’s provision for each and every step. He travels to the US to raise support, marries, has children – loses a child, and returns to India to face more hurdles there.  (The cobras dropping at his feet would have done me in…) His vision remained fixed on following Jesus.  His story of courage and perseverance is very inspiring. 

A favorite part of this story, is when Paul is reconciled to his brother – even baptizing him into new life!  The redemptive power and provision of God are central themes in this MUST READ book. 

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