Meet the Bentz Bunch

This is me and my "Zoo" at the zoo!  I love the big smiles, even if we're not all actually looking at the camera!

I have a "balanced" family (relatively speaking...) 4 boys and 4 girls.  Married to the same wonderful man for 16 years (he's at work during this picture) we are blessed beyond our belief!

We have homeschooled since the beginning. Certainly not "experts", but I can tell you exactly which surfaces that Dry erase markers come off of (homeschool experiment).

We love this journey that God put us on, and wouldn't trade it for all the peace and quiet in the world...(okay, somedays we would trade it for a snickers, diet coke and a quiet place to drink it...)

I am a curriculum junkie, and I think I may exhibit signs of Currriculum ADD (which has no known cure...) So, I mostly blog about curriculum. Think of it as one mom saving you lots of money by telling you what she spent her's on. (Did I mention, "rationalization" is my middle name...)

I'm glad you stopped by to share this journey with us!