Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Fun!

Being a  lover of tradition...  Homemade chili, the Lewis Family, and Shout out the Movies DVD games, and Christmas Punch on New Years Eve .  Here's our new addition -

Thanks to extra time home (from our white Christmas) I had plenty of time to browse on Pinterest (best description I've heard - Pinterest is like Fantasy Football for women!)  Oh, did I mention that I won our Fantasy Football Championship too?!

Anyway - the "New Years Eve Bags" tradition was born...

I filled a cute paper sack (thank you Hobby Lobby clearance) with enough trinkets for all children, and even some for the adults, each bag was labeled on the 1/2 hour, starting with 6:00, 6:30, etc.

Some things I included:

noisemakers - note to self...not so many of those next year!
New Years Eve hats
Pop Rocks candy
Ring Pops
Glow Sticks

you get the idea...cheap, but fun.  The kiddos LOVED these!!  It made the evening fly by, and everyone (well almost everyone) stayed up for the last bag opening.

We also started our 2012 Timecapsule, which we will finish this week.  And - our very own 2013 Blessing Jar!

So, 2013 - how do I top this?


  1. Way to go, Bentz family! Renita - what a party group you are raising! :) Happy new year, one and all!

  2. Super fun! We have punch on New Year's Eve too. Actually, my kids were sick but still insisted on the punch for tradition.