Monday, January 21, 2013

What Unit Studies Look Like at our Co-op

As many of you may already know, we are fans of unit studies around here at Bentz Academy.  We are also fans of our dear homeschool Co-op.  Our do we pursue the form of learning that we love while keeping up with the subjects determined by and taught in our Co-op?  After all, there are only so many hours in a day! 

After some soul searching, and some amazing teaching talent (not from me... ) Our Co-op has found a way to have an entire,  multi-family, co-op pursuing the heart and soul of unit study - picking a topic that interests your child invidually, and working together in a class.

First, our Unit Studies teachers at our Co-op (an amazing duo - some of my homeschool heroes) have picked broad topics like - animals, famous people, careers, etc. 

For the next month, each child pursues a unit study approach in researching and exploring their choice of study relating to the topic.  At the end of the month, the children have "Presentation Day" - where they give an oral and visual presentation of their chosen topic to their class.

During the month, the weekly class time is used to share their learning journals, learn new skills... i.e. lapbooking, powerpoint presentations, oral communication skills, etc.  As well as, a guest speaker.  

The visual presentations are varied throughout the year - posters, powerpoints, even dressing as your famous person!

Honest Abe Lincoln... she looks good in a beard!

I can't tell you how much energy and enthusiasm this has brought to our Co-op! My children are excited to pick what interests them, and share it with their classmates.  Plus, it works for all grades - my younger children all the way up to my high schooler (who is able to count it as a high school communication credit thanks to his marvelous teachers!)

Let me introduce you...Laura Ingalls Wilder! 
He makes a sharp looking Ben Franklin!

Of course, our favorite Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett studies are a perfect fit - Joshua made the cutest Davy Crockett  you've ever seen (too bad I didn't get a picture..!)

So, if you are in a Co-op, but long to pursue some individual study - trust me, you can make it work for you too!

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