Monday, January 14, 2013

A Proud Mama!

Gotta take a minute to brag....check out the headlines!!

My children participated in the Faulkner County Homeschool National Geography Bee local contest.  My boys advanced through the first and second rounds to compete against each other in the Championship Round!   Selah (who didn't want to...but I made her, like all good moms) advanced to the Second Round as well. 

After some nail biting by me...  Luke won!  He loves geography, and has a mind that remembers facts with ease (I have no idea where that comes from...really, it's not me!)  Anyway, as the local contest winner - he had the opportunity to take a written test.  The top 100 scores will advance to the State Contest, and the winner of that to the National Geography Bee in Washington D.C. 

I'll keep you posted...  Keep your fingers crossed for him!

By the way - who can tell me what is wrong with the headline?

1 comment:

  1. Congrats! How proud you should be. :)
    Header: Where did the extra "e" come from in your name? Good thing this wasn't a spelling bee!
    Miss your family!