Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's Resolutions!

Now that 2013 is under way... how are your resolutions coming along?

My wonderful husband, 2 teenage boys and myself have embarked on the Romans Project - memorizing Scripture together.   If you would like to join us - you can find everything you need to get you motivated and ready to go at one of my favorite blogs - A Holy Experience.

I always start with good intentions, but - life quickly jumps in our way.  So, to keep us accountable - and to update you on how this Spiritual discpline is changing us (because - the Word does change us, doesn't it!)  I've decided to give you updates on occasion.

Here's the first Bentz update:

Teenage boy #1 - memorized weeks 1 and 2
Teenage boy #2 - same

Dad - has week 1 almost mastered
Mom - week 1 done, working on week 2!

Plus, I decided to take the Joy Dare and made my own Thousand gifts journal!  If you want to make your own and join me,  you can find the pretty printables & monthly dare cards here.

Isn't it pretty...

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