Monday, January 28, 2013

A Love/Hate Relationship

Time for true confessions, I have a love/hate relationship with Valentines Day! 

I used to love it - flowers, candy, kisses, romance, a date night with my wonderful husband...

But, now it means something entirely different - it means "valentines day boxes" for our Co-op!  Who turned this delightful holiday into this?

Let me tell you our "story" - we joined a fabulous homeschool Co-op several years ago.  My children were delighted to experience some "normal" school-like activities (we have always homeschooled - no bus rides, backpacks, etc...)

 When the annual Valentines Day party arrived, they were excited to make a "box" to hold their loot - and to have so many friends to give valentines to. As we arrived with our very simple-paper-covered-boxes - we were introduced to the world of "Competitive Valentines Boxes"!  Who knew that you could have motorized, dry-ice-filled-smoking, 2 story high Valentine Boxes?  I thought a "box" was a "box" - boy, was I wrong!

Okay - fast forward...  Year 2 arrives and we are now no longer "rookies" - game on!  We know what "box" means, and we are Bentzs (another true confession - we're sometimes, slightly, er...competitive)  We were not going to just show up with our cute, simple, valentine holder - we are were going to dominate the competition!  You know, "go big or go home"!

Let me tell you something...  sometimes having a larger-than-average family isn't easy.  Paper-Mache multiplied by 8 is a bit daunting (not to mention - we are still cleaning it up).  After each child had their consultation concerning what they wanted to create, and some logistical planning (glad I saved those boxes) - the building began! I'm proud to say minimal parental involvement was utilized - I was there for clean up only...

Each child picked something they are passionate about - Football and Ancient History (including secret, but authentic, hieroglyphic messages)
Gaurdians of Ga'Hoole - Owls (the book du jour) and Mailboxes with sparkling hearts

The Whole World, and what is Valentines Day without a Snake?

A Giraffe lover (she has slept with this most of the year...not kidding) and thankfully, a child that really only wanted a "Box"!

I am proud to say, the Bentz Academy made a great showing - winning best of their class for 5 out of 8 kiddos! 

Now, we are facing Year 3 - how do we top last year?  Any suggestions...  I'm not feeling the "love" yet?!


  1. That is a hilarious story and your boxes look great!!

  2. Oh my word! Good for you for jumping into the spirit of it. I'd probably boycott! LOL but that's just me!

  3. Love all of the creativity!

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh my goodness, those are amazing! I seriously don't think you can top it, but then again you are seriously competitive and will come up with somethign! Crochet a heart bag?

  5. Hi-larious! I think competitive may be an understatement. Hahaha Those "boxes" rock!