Monday, February 4, 2013

We're Taking a Trip!

Okay, we're taking a trip, but we aren't physically leaving our home - we're going around the world.

A dear friend and I have decided that "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work..." - Ecclesiastes 4:9  So, we are spreading out the "work" of homeschooling to get a better return! Specifically with our younger crew and geography lessons (trips are always more fun with friends!)

Welcome to our personal trip around the world - first stop... Russia!  We are loosely using Expedition Earth - as our guide. Since I am sort of a curriculum junkie (stop laughing and keep reading...)  - it was easy to go pull off a bunch of those "I-planned-to-use-this-when-we-study" books. If you homeschool, you know what I'm talking about! Here's a sampling of what we're reading:

We began with the creation of our very own passports - a must have for every traveler.  Once again, when I looked in the curriculum closet (really, we have one of those - doesn't everyone...) I found these realistic looking Passport books I bought to use with my now high school aged son.  We personalized them, and we're off!

Now, all we needed was a hands-on project to go with our first stop.  My friend "Pinterest", do you know her... she's like a fantasy football team for girls, provided the perfect inspiration. 

Meet our Matryoshka dolls - it couldn't have been any easier.  My girls are loving these, in fact - I found a couple of them in Chloe's bed, what is it with that girl?  She sleeps with everything!!

We listened to Peter & the Wolf by Maestro Classics (want to read my excellent TOS Crew review of it?) 

But the best part of our stop was our time praying!  Window on the World is a long-time family favorite, if you don't have this should.  We all put our hands on it and brought the needs of Russia and her orphans straight to the throne of God - you absolutely can not have a better return than that!  What a great day...

Stay tuned for our next Russian adventure!


  1. Oh this is such an inspiration! I'd love to put something like this together for my crew!

  2. Such a fun study!!!!

    Love Erica's stuff. I've used a bit of Expedition Earth in the past. I made the expensive mistake of purchasing Children Around the World from winter promise and it was so completely awful and inaccurate and unorganized that I used EE to help try and salvage it. It was beyond salvaging though. That was an expensive mistake since the company took no responsibility for the massive amount of errors and were not giving back my money.

  3. I think curriculum junkie (or book collector) has replaced denim jumpers as the stereotype for homeschool moms.

  4. WOW! Wonderful ideas!! I love the passport.

    Thank you for sharing.