Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Trip Around the World - Russia Part 2

We had so much fun on our first stop in Russia (want to read about it?)  that we decided to stay a little longer.

This stop we focused a famous composer from Russia - Tchaikovsky.

Everyone grabbed a pillow and made themselves comfortable.  I love the Classical Kids CD's - they are a fictional story that includes an introduction to the composer with tons of their music interwoven throughout. It's a great way to expose your children to classical music in a way they will remember!

Next,  we made our own "Faberge Eggs".  Did you know that Czar Alexander III and Nicholas II commissioned these special eggs as Easter gifts?  Approximately 50 eggs were made; 42 have survived.  Since the survival rate of eggs is less than that around here, we choose to use plastic eggs instead!

But, we did get brave - and blew out the yolk on one "real" egg - just to see what it would have been like to work with something so fragile.

Not too bad for some american amateurs! 
We can't leave Russia without experiencing some of it's food.  Better stay tuned!

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