Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be A Kiwi!

I've been inspired!

I teach history at our Co-op - students K-8th.  I never understood (or enjoyed) history as a child.  But, now that I homeschool - it's my favorite subject!  Our Co-op uses the Mystery of History - Volume 2 as our main curriculum (love it!) but, I have alot of freedom to add to it.

I like to keep my students engaged and having fun.  Hands-on teaching is my favorite style.

We recently explored the history of New Zealand in Volume 2.  I saw a cute recommendation for creating a Kiwi Bird.  What a great idea!  My younger students will love this...but, what to do with my older students... 8th graders don't want to make crafts.

Just then, God dropped an idea into my head (had to have come from Him - I couldn't have thought it up) Kiwi's aren't much to look at, are they?  Brown and furry...  not exactly appetizing, fruit with hair?!

BUT,  when you look at the inside of a kiwi - you get an entirely different perspective -  Juicy, tasty, vivid and memorable!  Oh, oh, oh - this is getting good! 

It's just like us!  I told them, "God is much more interested in your "inside" - than your "outside".  It's time for you to "BE A KIWI!" 

A new history class motto was born, "Be a  Kiwi!" 

Plus, everyone took a kiwi home - either as a bird, or just to remind them that the "inside" is better than the "outside!"  (You should have seen the look from the Kroger clerk when I bought 50 kiwis!)

This was waiting for me in my history room the next week,  I think they "got" it! 


  1. How awesome! And you tied it in well your faith. Brilliant!

  2. We're in the same volume of Mystery of History.

  3. Love we lived in NZ for 4mos and ate quite a bit of kiwi ;)