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A+TutorSoft, Inc. : A TOS Review

From their website:
"A+ TutorSoft, Inc offers very comprehensive Interactive MATH Curriculum products that are easy to use, self-paced, powerful and low costUsing a proprietary learning platform that combines voice, visual and text-based instructions, we make learning MATH easy. Centered on the proven methodology of a test-grade-review cycle, our instructional platform delivers personal, highly-effective, and expert instructions."
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(Online Programs available as wellLevels - 1st Grade through Algebra I currently available
  • Highly animated concise and "to-the-point" lessons with all three learning modalities (Audio, Visuals and Text) to increase understanding of the material
  • Interactive FlashCards enhance student learning by allowing them to practice problem solving with real-time feedback and step-by-step problem solving instructions.
  • Full Curriculum Book
  • Printable Worksheets w/ over 1,000 Practice Problems
  • Worksheets Solution Guide with a step-by-step solution to over 1,000 Practice Problems
  • Printable "ready-to-go" exams
  • Exams Solution Guide with a step-by-step solution to each exam problem
  • Reference Sheets packed with facts and formulas
  • Recommended Lesson Plan
  • PREMIUM FEATURES:  Parental Controls & Weekly Certificate of Accomplishments
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Okay - now you know the vital information, on to what the Bentz Test Laboratory thought.  I'll introduce the tester - my 4th grade - "math-resistant" daughter (guess she got more than just her red hair from me!).

She has struggled with math every step of the way.  We have tried numerous approaches - most ending in frustration and tears.  A new program could be just what we needed...

A+ Interactive Math is a full math curriculum that includes multimedia lessons - I didn't have to be the teacher.  A definite plus for both her and me!  This is a program that allows you to monitor the progress they are making - but you don't have to teach.  If math is not your gift - A+ Interactive Math may be a gift for you.

My tester did well with this program.  It was easy for her to navigate. A Lesson Plan is included with a clear layout of what to do with space for notes, checkmarks and date completed.  The Multimedia lessons were short enough to hold her interest - although the lessons were mostly just being read to her (not much "multimedia").  The Interactive Q&A with each lesson is where she got to respond to what has just been presented by answering several multiple choice questions. Immediate feedback, and explanation of the solution-if needed,  followed each question. At the end of the Q&A - she could print a Certificate.  My tester's response..."why would I want a math certificate?"  I agree.  My tester is not motivated by that type of reward - maybe she would be more motivated by chocolate instead!

One of her favorite lessons was "Multiplication Tricks".  I was impressed by the variety of topics covered - addition to algebra were covered in this 4th Grade level (fractions, time & money, geometry and probability too) A plus for us was the presentation of concepts and terms that were different from our regular math curriculum - it's helpful to have variety.

 The Curriculum Book is a math textbook to accompany each lesson.  In addition, each lesson includes a worksheet, and exam that is printed out to complete.  (Answers and Solutions are included as well - the Premium version allows you to hide them from the student)  The CD edition requires you to enter the student's progress tracking, the online version does that automatically.  I like entering it - since, it's one way to know exactly where she is at with her comprehension.

My tester liked that the "instructor" had a female voice instead of being male.  But overall - she didn't find the lessons all that enjoyable "kinda boring" is her exact wording.  Could that be her "math-resistance" - of course, but I kind of agree with her.

Overall, we used this as more of a supplement or a change of pace for math review.  I find it helpful to have several math tools available - frequently just changing the pace with a different approach has helped us overcome math obstacles.  At least she's still smiling... :-)

Computer time is always viewed as a special treat here - so A+ Interactive Math provided change of pace and much needed review and practice for key math concepts.

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