Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Love/Hate Update

You asked for it!  An update on my love/hate with Valentines boxes!

Here's what we managed to create...I put off the chaos for as long as I could (we started on Wednesday - due to Co-op on Friday!) Every child had their own ideas, and just used my skills in locating materials, and cleaning up their messes :-)

Here's my special "disclaimer" - All of these boxes were made with 100% recycled materials (Pringles cans, corn dog boxes, toilet paper tubes, etc.) and paint/paper supplies already in the house.
Total expense to create 8 boxes = $0.00

We even had a "God moment" during our Valentine box adventure this year.  Lydia was painting her Cross (see below) and ran out of brown craft paint.  "Oh no", I thought - "There is no way I'll have time to run out for more..."

  Lydia calmly relplied - "Don't worry Mom, God will provide."

Of course, I thought - he'll have to provide some TIME for me to make a run to Hobby Lobby!  Off to the laundry room I went, complaining about my lack of time, and abundance of tasks.  Grumbling all the way.

 I opened the cabinet to grab some fabric softner - and what do you think I found...
A BRAND NEW UNOPENED bottle of BROWN paint!  God provided.  I love how HE thinks of everything!!

Lydia, of course - was not in the least surprised by this - she knew God would...

Sam - his own love/hate with Valentines expressed in his creation "Descpicable Valentine" minion
Luke - A Rubics Cube - carefully hand colored to exactly match his own Rubics cube

Noah - a very clever "Ten Command-mints" with all candy theme (very well thought out!)
Selah - what else?  A pink-mained Horse, of course

Lydia - "Lay your Candy Burden at the Foot of the Cross"
Joshua - a big, blue,long-neck Dino Pet

Chloe - The "Good Book"
Essie - a Snowman, almost as tall as she is
I'm please to report - Bentz Academy made another great showing in the Co-op competition - winning 4 out of 6 classes and Lydia's creation winning the "Best use of Bible" award!
Whew, glad that's over...

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