Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Love/Hate Update

You asked for it!  An update on my love/hate with Valentines boxes!

Here's what we managed to create...I put off the chaos for as long as I could (we started on Wednesday - due to Co-op on Friday!) Every child had their own ideas, and just used my skills in locating materials, and cleaning up their messes :-)

Here's my special "disclaimer" - All of these boxes were made with 100% recycled materials (Pringles cans, corn dog boxes, toilet paper tubes, etc.) and paint/paper supplies already in the house.
Total expense to create 8 boxes = $0.00

We even had a "God moment" during our Valentine box adventure this year.  Lydia was painting her Cross (see below) and ran out of brown craft paint.  "Oh no", I thought - "There is no way I'll have time to run out for more..."

  Lydia calmly relplied - "Don't worry Mom, God will provide."

Of course, I thought - he'll have to provide some TIME for me to make a run to Hobby Lobby!  Off to the laundry room I went, complaining about my lack of time, and abundance of tasks.  Grumbling all the way.

 I opened the cabinet to grab some fabric softner - and what do you think I found...
A BRAND NEW UNOPENED bottle of BROWN paint!  God provided.  I love how HE thinks of everything!!

Lydia, of course - was not in the least surprised by this - she knew God would...

Sam - his own love/hate with Valentines expressed in his creation "Descpicable Valentine" minion
Luke - A Rubics Cube - carefully hand colored to exactly match his own Rubics cube

Noah - a very clever "Ten Command-mints" with all candy theme (very well thought out!)
Selah - what else?  A pink-mained Horse, of course

Lydia - "Lay your Candy Burden at the Foot of the Cross"
Joshua - a big, blue,long-neck Dino Pet

Chloe - The "Good Book"
Essie - a Snowman, almost as tall as she is
I'm please to report - Bentz Academy made another great showing in the Co-op competition - winning 4 out of 6 classes and Lydia's creation winning the "Best use of Bible" award!
Whew, glad that's over...


  1. The boxes all came out great! What wonderful creations.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Would you please Fedex one of those boxes to our house? We signed up for Valentine exchanges at both Homeschool gym and Co-op. We have nowhere near your talent or creativity.

  3. Cutest Valentine Boxes ever!! Thank you for sharing.