Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 

from the Bentz Bunch!

M - Missed our Christmas letter... here's your update!

E - Esther, age 4 is our baby.  No more birth announcements, we're just adopting college kids now :-)

R- Renita beat breast cancer this year!

R- Redheads, why yes - 5 of 8 children are!

Y - Y'all - you might could hear some of us say that now and again 'round these parts... (our best Arkansas slang!)

C- Co-op.  One of our best blessings, our KCA homeschool family!

H- Homeschooling.  All 8 of them!!  10th grade to Preschool.

R - Racing.  Matt won a couple of trips to drive race cars with HP.  Renita just races around town in her big, white van!

I- India.  Sam and Renita went on their first mission trip.  A life changing adventure for both!

S- Sam, age 16 and Selah, age 10.  Our "s" kids.

T - The rest of them - Luke -14, Noah-12, Lydia-9, Joshua -7, Chloe-6, Esther -4.

M- Matt and Misha.  Matt has a thing for redheads, even the dog has red hair!

A- Arkansas, a beautiful place to visit...when are you coming?

S- Savior - Our reason to celebrate this season.


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  1. It sounds like a wonderful year of blessings. Cute recap.
    Blessings, Dawn