Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day in ARKANSAS!

It does snow in Arkansas! We woke up feeling like we were "home"! After an extensive search - I was able to find coats, boots, mittens, hats, scarves all times 7 (thankfully Esther didn't want to go out!)
It gave me a moment of relief that I don't have to do this every day!
The kiddos had a great time out in the snow, and the best part for me - the snow will be gone by Monday!!


  1. Lovely snowman :) I'd been hearing about the snow through another Arkansas mom - sounds like quite the ordeal for those not used to it! Sounds like the kind of winter I could get used to...

  2. How fun that the kids get a little bit of snow to play in:-) Glad you didn't get rid of all the winter stuff!

  3. Beautiful Wife,

    Thank you for being a wonderful wife and mother of our children!!

    Happy Valentines Day

    I Love You

  4. What a beautiful house you have!

  5. I'm just catching up on my bloggy buddies! First of all, I love your house. You must show more pictures. :) Second of all, what a sweet comment from your hubby! :) Love you, miss you!