Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Graduation Gift

I did it!  I pulled off my best "quilt surprise" ever!   I managed to make him a T-shirt Quilt with t-shirts that I've been hiding away for quite some time.

I jumped right in sewing this, I know...I should have read the directions!  I had started sewing before I learned that interfacing is a must in one of these quilts to keep it from stretching.

I used denim fabric for my sashing between the t-shirt blocks - which helped stabilize it a bit.  I had to call in emergency help from my quilting-expert friend.  She was able to long-arm quilt it for me, and made it look amazing!  She also taught me the trick of using a sheet for the backing- Genius.

I could not imagine sending this son off to college without being wrapped up in my love. And, it made a great cover for the "Sam Shrine" at his party :-)

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