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LearnBop for Families from LearnBop: A TOS CREW Review

LearnBop for Families Review
LearnBop for Families Review

Bentz Academy has learned that summer is NO time for a math vacation!  We have been using 
LearnBop for Families from LearnBop.  We have access to this online subscription math resourse's Family Plan with access for up to four students in grades 3-12.

LearnBop is adapative, meaning it customizes to each student's needs.  Each student begins with a warm-up session to assess a starting point.  My four testers were in 3rd-4th-5th-7th grade. The "Roadmap" is a guide to the units included in a particular level.  You can choose from either "grade level" or "subject based" roadmaps. We used the grade level.  My 3rd grader had 13 units, 4th grader 14 units, 5th grader 11 units and 7th grader 10 units.

After being placed in the appropriate level, the student can begin working on a concept.  Concepts are introduced in short videos for the student to watch.  After the videos, the student completes at least 5 "bops" (or assignments) for 90% mastery.

Mastery must be achieved at 90% or above before continuing on to the next concept. If an answer is incorrect, the program walks them through a step-by-step process to get to the correct answer.  There is no moving forward to the next bop without getting a correct answer.  (I like this feature, but my testers were highly frustrated by it...)

Each student gets to pick their own avatar during setup, and all the logins can occur from the main screen without having to remember passwords.

This is a particularly nice feature if you are using this with multiple children!  The program is very easy to learn, and I can get feedback on their progress.  You can also adjust their roadmap if you want to focus in on a particular topic.

Each time they log in, they can see their progress and achievements as well.  This was great motivation for my students to stick with a difficult concept.  They loved the motivational quotes that show up during their bops.  All this feedback makes it nice for mom as well, I can see what they are working on, and what they need more help with.  

We found LearnBop very easy to navigate, and very comprehensive.  However, all of my testers were frustrated by the program content.  They enjoyed the videos, but felt the "bops" were confusing and very difficult.  When they missed answers, the step-by-step approach left them "guessing" to try to get the correct answer and move past the question.  The questions were difficult to understand,  I struggled too.

Overall, this is a high quality math resource, either for review and practice, or to teach new concepts. Don't take a summer off of math - Check out this intro video and give it a try to see for yourself!

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LearnBop for Families Review

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