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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar: A TOS Crew Review

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

The Bentz Test Laboratory has been having a great time with the MaxGuru Program, a part of the MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar.

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs  are an online multi-sensory approach to help the students improve their reading & comprehension skills.  This program can be used from K-12 for any student, especially those with reading challenges.  MaxPhonics and MaxGuru are 2 options to help you cover the skills your student needs.  My testers are both readers, so we explored MaxGuru.

MaxGuru offers the "Five Pillars of Reading" approach which includes Phonetic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.  My testers were able to easily navigate this program themselves, and worked completely independently.  My parent account let me peek in on their progress.  

Each MaxReading section has them highlighting, outlining, summarizing and answering comprehension questions.  The program remembers their progress and allows them to continue right where they left off.  We really like this feature.

After completing a lesson, which is around 20-30 minutes, they are given feedback immediately.

Both of my testers (a 5th grader and a 7th grader) took a pre-test to find their correct starting spot.  The highlighting was a bit tricky, at first - only because this was a new concept for them.  However, once they got the hang of it, they both saw dramatic improvement!

MaxGuru offers several different content areas.  My testers both spent the majority of their time in MaxReading - with 13 levels (including chapter books) this was a large area to explore on it's own!

MaxWords forcuses on prefixes, suffixes, Greek & Latin roots, syllabification and spelling rules. 

MaxBios introduces students to famous people through biographies.

MaxMusic uses music and learning games to work on memory, recognition and auditory skills.

MaxPlaces is a world map that you can click to explore new places with reading and comprehension questions.

MaxVocab is the dictionary and offers plenty of interactive learning games.

This is truly an enormous reading resource!  My testers both loved it, and actually ask for more time.  This is one of the tools you want to have in your  reading tool chest with summer break around the corner, and it works great on you mobile devices too!

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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

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