Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keyboarding for the Christian School - Elementary Version

From their website:

"This is the Christian Small Publisher's Exclusive E-Book winner for 2012! Download and own your award-winning copy today for only $12.95. This is great for students from grades K-5.

This version offers only the basics of learning the keyboard with the help of Miss Mabel the ladybug.

Why choose a printable e-book versus a web-based program? Think about the things you type. Are they readily available to copy from the screen or are they something that you are looking at on a piece of paper? Usually you are typing something from a rough draft. If the lessons are only available on the computer monitor; your student will not get the needed skill of transferring information from paper to the computer. A printable e-book allows you the preference of binding the whole book or just giving your student one page at a time. A printable e-book is portable and economical."

The Bentz Test Laboratory is well aquainted with Keyboarding for the Christian School, my older testers have all successfully used this program to develop their keyboarding skills.  Now, my younger students (K-5) have the same opportunity with the Keyboarding for the Christian School Large Font Elementary Version!

There are 32 Lessons.  The Touch Typing Technique list is a very useful checklist to get your student off to a great start.  We printed the ebook out and put it in a binder to keep next to the keyboard. (If you prefer pre-printed versions are available.) Keyboarding is such an essential skill in today's world, you will NOT want to wait until later to start...even young children can master this skill! 

My testers found the color coded key chart on the beginning lessons particularly helpful.  You can signup for their newsletter see a sample lesson here. The lessons are short, and easy to read (thanks to the large font!)  You can easily repeat the lessons as needed.  This isn't a gimicky, game based program.  It is - solid, touch typing instruction that you can use over and over with each child.

This program works very well.  Best of all - your children will be practicing their typing skills with Scripture! 

You can get a  special 20% discount using code SUMMER2012 (good though 8/29/12).

KEYBOARDING PACKAGE DEAL: Purchase both the Keyboarding for the Christian School, Revised Edition and the Elementary Edition for only $22! You save over 23%! 

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I was sent a complimentary download in exchange for my honest review as part of the TOS Review Crew.


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