Monday, July 30, 2012

Zane Education

From their website:

"Zane Education's library of online subtitled video, online testing and assessment, quizzes and quiz questions have been specifically developed and produced for the teaching of the K-12 curriculum and are aligned to state, regional and national standards."

Zane's online visual learning solution includes 6 key components:
  1. The subtitled videos that teach the information - often called the curriculum.
  2. The quizzes that test - but also continue the learning process.
  3. The lesson plans - for lesson preparation and lesson activities.
  4. The video study tools - that enables students to fully explore each topic.
  5. The Study Centre - enables student to track progress and provides additional resources (re-opening soon - new features currently being added)
  6. The very affordable family subscription - remains the same irrelevant of number of children.
Subscription Options:
  • Basic Membership - Free access to demo versions of our 1,000+ curriculum videos 
  • Gold Membership - all videos for all subjects for all Grades - $17.99 per month or $197.89 per year
  • Silver Membership - all videos for all subjects for the chosen Grade - $12.99 per month or $142.89 per year
  • Bronze Membership - all videos for all Grades for the chosen Subject - $8.99 per month or $98.89 per year 
  • Topic Taster Membership - Provides access to the video(s) within in the SINGLE TOPIC you have chosen. - $5 per month
Select to pay a single annual payment (with the 12th month free), or a monthly recurring payment.

Discount Promotion Code: ZE568HSM for 35% discount on the purchase of any annual 12-month Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership subscription through until the end of August, 2012.

I found this quote very interesting - "Research indicates that more 40% of students are visual learners, preferring to be taught through video, pictures, diagrams, flow charts, timelines, films, and demonstrations." I agree wholeheartedly - actually, I'm pretty sure more than 40% of the testers at  Bentz Test Laboratory fit this description

Zane Education's "Missing Piece" is the use of subtitles with each and every video in their very EXTENSIVE collection.  Watch the following video of ex-President Bill Clinton recognising the value of that work and the importance of subtitles (described here as same-language subtitling) and note his comments about the Neilsen Research that indicated that the use of Subtitles on television doubled the number of functional early-age readers.

The Bentz Test Laboratory loved exploring this site!  There are endless opportunities to find a video matching what you want to learn about.  It could be overwhelming to the homeschool teacher, but Zane Education has provided several downloadable curriculum guides to help you navigate and locate what you are looking for.  For example,  The Christian Home Learning Guide, a 420-page publication specially written by Marshall Foster and Ron Ball, is a comprehensive publication that reviews all of the content and material introduced in the videos and demonstrates how it conforms to Biblical teachings and beliefs. 

We had a great time exploring all the options -  Science, Math, History, Art, Music, Literature, Religious Studies and more - you name it, they have a video for it - 260 topics, 1,500 videos! Jump in and watch for yourself with the "Free Educational Video of the Day".

The videos all loaded quickly and were of decent quality.  Some of them were a bit "old fashioned" according to my testers.  But, the information was all easy to understand, and their comprehension was better than if they had just read a paragraph or two on the particular subject.

Overall, I really like Zane Education as a supplement for any curriculum.  I'm always looking for ways to present our learning opportunities in a new format, and this is just the resource to use!  However, the main drawback is - it may be a bit spendy for the average homeschool budget, at least mine!

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I was sent a complimentary membership in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


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