Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pointe class!

After years (and I do mean years!) of hard work...  She's on POINTE!  If you are a dance mom, you know what a big moment this is.  Years of ballet class, of stretching, sweating and pirouetting everywhere. Finally, the pointe shoe fitting (just a glimpse of what wedding dress shopping will be like...)

The "Before" and "After" shots... probably the last time her feet will look this good :-)

And the big day arrived - her first pointe class - with the best of friends!

I am so proud of her - she has worked hard for those shoes.  She's smiling from ear-to-ear as her toes are screaming at her.  She says...."It's all worth it, mom"  

 So it is my beautiful daughter, so it is!

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