Tuesday, April 19, 2016


This graduation "thing" may be my hardest parenting moment!  I've had to dig through our entire homeschooling  and narrow it down to 25 defining pictures....

First pass - I had "narrowed" it down to 300-400 pictures - all of the firstborn!  More sniffles, another glass of wine, and I had it down to around 40.

I brutally left out vital moments to get to the allowed amount for the graduation slide show.  They tell me that not everyone wants to watch an hour of only my son...I think "they" would enjoy it!

The sweet volunteer made me this video before telling me 10 more pictures had to go....

And Sam is the one playing the violin!

I can't make it through it without crying, so I'm watching it everyday to build up immunity ;-)

Best ride I've ever been on, so glad I was there for the whole thing!!

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