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Lifetime Membership from Homeschool Copywork: A TOS Crew Review

Homeschool Copywork Review

Lifetime Membership  from Homeschool Copywork

Homeschool Copywork ReviewHomeschool Copywork ReviewHomeschool Copywork Review

These are just a small sample of  54 (and counting) Copywork books (over 100 pages each) available with a Lifetime Membership  from Homeschool Copywork!  This is an online, subscription site that you print at home.

The Bentz Test laboratory is a big believer in the benefits of copywork.  It's not just handwriting practice... it improve visual memory, grammar, punctuation skills, and memorization too.  I've always had trouble convincing my testers that handwriting can be fun, but Homeschool Copywork changed that.

This site offers copywork for all ages - check out some of the topics - and they are always adding more!  They have elementary, middle school and even high school levels.  The Lifetime Membership  allows you unlimited access...FOREVER  (as long as the site is active!) If you want to try it first, without a lifetime committment ;-)... you can get a Full Membership for 1 year.  

Each book includes selected thematic copywork quotes with at least two different line styles or sizes and manuscript or cursive options.  Most of the books include five styles: Ball and Stick Manuscript, D’Nealian Manuscript, Lined Cursive, and Unlined Print and Cursive.

This is a great site for large families! It was created by Amy Belvins a homeschool mom of six!  (someone who knows...)   I called my testers over and let them pick what looked most interesting to them:

Tester #1 - Wright Brothers - she's studying them in history!  The site has many history and literature themed selections that you can use to coordinate with other subjects.

Tester #2 - Dragons of the Bible - of course, he LOVES anything dino-like. This book offers 22 Scriptures from the Bible that refer to "dragons", aka...dinosaurs. The site offers great selections for science and Christian worldview study as well.

Testers #3 & 4  - Character Building - They both loved the pictures in this book so, they just divided the pages based on which one each liked better.  They like to work together.  This membership has many great copywork titles that help reinforce character lessons - from animals to Presidents! 

All of the books are downloadable and immediately available. You can pick the style of writing you want your child to work on, and only print the pages you need.   Most of the books we looked at included places to color or decorate their writing.  My testers loved getting to color the picture too! We three-hole punch them and stored in a binder.  Looking back, they can see how their handwriting has improved.  These also make great gifts to include in "grandma letters".

They have a great selection of Holiday themed books that would be nice to use during those busy holiday times.  Artists, Composers, Poetry are just a few that make a great supplement to your fine art studies.

Coloring books and notebooking pages are available included in your membership.  My testers are using these, and loving them.

This is one of those memberships that you will use over and over again.  Be sure to check this one out!

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Homeschool Copywork Review

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