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WordBuild: Elements, Level 1 Set (Includes WordBuild the Game) from Dynamic Literacy: A TOS Crew Review

JazzEdge  Review
JazzEdge  Review 
WordBuild: Elements, Level 1 Set from Dynamic Literacy  - 6th-10th grades (or 7th-12th for remedial work) is a vocabulary program that teaches 25 Latin and Greek Root morphemes (parts of words) that help your children learn how words are built with prefixes, roots, and suffixes.  You can peek at a sample online here
prefix + root + suffix = WORD
The Student Activity Book is broken down into weekly units. Each week is broken down into a five day plan. The program is intended to be used just 15 minutes a day - 5 days per week, for an entire school year of learning.

The Teacher Manual is a necessary component of this user friendly program.  It is filled with all the teaching tools you need, answers, fun facts, checkups (aka... quizzes) and discussion points.
The WordBuild the Game CD game contains 209 roots and 18,000 words and allows your student the ability to play games, learn and create words!
The Bentz Test Laboratory chose our 7th grader  for this review.  In the past, we have used vocabulary programs that introduce lists of words and depend on rote memorization through several exercises, often out of context.  WordBuild: Elements, Level 1 Set from Dynamic Literacy is an entirely different approach - and we LOVE it!
Each week a new morpheme is introduced.    This program is not an independent study.  The teacher must introduce the information.  But, don't worry!  It's not a teacher intensive study either.  The Teacher Manual is very well designed.  It tells you what you need to know, gives you fun facts to share, shows how this word is used with cross-curricular examples and offers plenty of tips.  You can go online to their website to get information on how to differentiate your teaching for multiple ages as well.
The exercises are short, but effective. Instead of rote memorization, they learn how words are put together, and the meaning of each part.  This allows them the ability to conquer new vocabulary by breaking down the parts they do know.  Why haven't we done this before?

Each week's lesson follows the same pattern.  My tester enjoyed the Root Square activity the best - seeing how may words she could create with the morphemes.  The Magic Square activity adds a little math twist (not her favorite).  Stair Steps is a great visual of how the prefixes and suffixes can make new words.  Comprehension Boosters allows these new words to be used in context.  And of course, you can do Check-Ups to see what they remember.

The WordBuild Game is a fun way to reinforce the learning.  In fact, all my testers are using this to compete against each other.  It works on PC or Mac (Windows 98 or higher and Mac OS X) and can support up to 99 players.  So, mom and dad can get it on it too!  You can set timers to see how many words you can create with prefixes, roots and suffixes.  You can customize the background music with anything from Vivaldi to Hip Hop.   If you try to build words that are not "words" the program stops you.   It's so much more fun than completing workbook exercises.

This is a much more effective way to master vocabulary, and it's way more enjoyable.  I am a convert... no more word lists!  Instead, we plan to focus on learning the building blocks of vocabulary.  With these tools, they will be able to decode the meaning of any word. 

JUST FOR YOU!  - Use discount code momofmany at www.dynamichomeschool.com for 25% off the books or at www.wordbuildonline.com for 10% off.

Other members of the Crew reviewed WordBuild: Foundations, Level 1 - 2rd-5th grades (or 5th-9th for remedial work) and WordBuildOnline.  Be sure to check these out!

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