Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Graduation "Survival Tips" Gift Idea

As promised... here is what we put together for our Graduation "Survival Tips" gift.  Our Candy Card post is here, if you want to check it out as well...

We took a large reusable grocery bag - the nice type, and filled it with our mini lunch bag "Survival Tips" :

The "Dorm Room Sleep Survival Tip" - Earplugs, Sleep mask and Mountain Dew - Use as needed

"Life's Minor Emergencies Survival Tip" - Shoe shine kit, First Aid Kit, Sewing Kit, and Manicure Set - Do you know how to use these?

"College Study Survival Tip" - Graduation Mad Libs, #2 Pencils, Cash Mini notebook, Silly String - Always have a pencil and a sense of humor!

"Laundry Survival Tip #1, #2, #3"-
#1- Tide Pod, Bounce, and Quarters - Do it Yourself!
#2 Laundry Bag - Take it home to Mom
#3 - New Shirt - At least you'll have one clean shirt to wear...

"Dorm Food Survival Tip" - Mac n Cheese, Spaghettios, Ramen - Staples you'll learn to love!

 "Spiritual Survival Tip" - Salt, flashlight, and framed Be These verse -  Keep this on your desk to remind yourself

For Emergency Use Only - break class - $50 bill

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