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CTC Math - 12 Month Family Plan: A TOS Crew Review

CTCMath Review
12 Month Family Plan from CTC Math

CTC Math is an online math tutor with over 1,300 video tutorials for students in Kindergarten through High School.  From colours to trigonometry!  The 12 Month Family Plan allows up to 10 students unlimited access to all levels for just $118.00 a year (that's a special 60 % discount off the normal pricing, just for homeschoolers). You can also choose to purchase a monthly plan of $11.97 for one student of $15.97 for 2 or more students. This is a HUGE value for large families!

CTC Math is very intuitive, and easy to use.  The Bentz Test Laboratory had ALL eight of my testers using this program - grades K-11th.  This is one of the biggest benefits for multiple child homes, you get access to all levels for the same price. 

Each tester started in their level by taking a diagnostic test.  Then, they could move on to the section they wanted to start with. Each section is divided into subsections as well, so that you can really pinpoint exactly what you want to work on.

Each section offers video instruction, with an Australian accent :-)  Your student can watch the video, which are typically under 10 minutes long, then move into answering questions. 

The younger levels can answer their questions directly online.  The older more advanced levels can print out the worksheet, work the answers and then enter their answers online to get scored.  The program automatically returns them to the place they left off.

Another nice feature, you can move between any level and any section - so you can work on exactly what they need to.

My testers occasionally had to ask me to clarify a word... for instance, they didn't understand "A choc frog is 11 cents dearer than a green frog..."  We got a laugh, and a world languages and geographical differences lesson as well as math that day

My testers enjoyed this program.  The younger testers loved getting the certificates - emailed to the parent account.  My older testers liked seeing their progress on screen.  All of them were able to easily find their way around, and begin working at the correct level immediately.  This would be an excellent tool for your math instruction, and for additional review.  Since the lessons were short, no one got frustrated. 

It's not a flashy, game type of program.  Rather, it's really solid math instruction in an easy to use format.  Exactly what we need around here. 

 This is a great program for busy moms (especially those like me that don't really love math!)   Zero prep needed for the teacher, and no grading either.  CTC automatically grades their answers.  The student can redo any section that doesn't meet the minimum passing standard that you set... i.e. we choose 80%. 

One of my favorite features is the Weekly email summaries that show me exactly who logged in, when, and what they accomplished.  We set up our laptop in the dining room, and everyone took their turn with CTC Math.  This is a wonderful way to keep math skills sharp during the summer as well.

Of course, you can also log into your parent account and see detailed summaries of what they have been working on, and what they may need more help with.
Overall, this is a solid math program that is super easy to use.  I would highly recommend it!
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