Thursday, June 25, 2015

Drama Kings!

Two of my sons have taken to the stage... :-0

Actually, I couldn't be more proud of them!  They both performed in  "SeussOdyssey"  in the Texas Non-Profit Theater competition recently. It was a colorful, rhyming tale of the Odyssey.  They have been rehearsing all semester.

Luke was cast as Odysseus and Noah played several parts - Poseidon, Cyclops and a Suitor.  They were awesome!

Here are few pictures from the show:

Odysseus can't resist the sirens & that first Suitor is kinda cute!

Both of them in the same scene - Poseidon sends them on their way... 



I think that Luke may have enjoyed poking out his brother's eye...

They made new friends, boosted their confidence and had an awesome Director!  Thanks Ms. Naomi for all you do to encourage them!!

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