Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Best Surprise Ever!

What a wonderful way to wakeup!  Kris and Kelsey drove 10 + hours (with horrific traffic)  to surprise the kiddos for a weekend!

  I "knew" about the surprise about a week before, and could barely contain it... okay, I did "mention" it to my 2 oldest... but, I was able to keep it under wraps from the others (not bad, I do have lots of others!)

I love that after the happy smiles, the first thing everyone wanted was to crawl into their laps and read books together.  (sorry for the "just woke up" pictures... we get up mighty early around here)

We had the best.weekend.ever.  I love that we explored some family "firsts" - and the WHOLE family was here...

The Alamo 

My sweet 'lil - "TexES!"   The Alamo was inspiring, crowded and will need another visit to really appreciate it, I sense some homeschool field trips coming soon.

The Riverwalk

We took the boat tour.  I think the Riverwalk is one of my favorite places ever!  It is a place you have to experience to truly appreciate.  After the boat, it was off to lunch, right on the Riverwalk (don't let the hostess tell you they don't have an outside table)  Marachi band music and all!

My beautiful girls - Kris & Kelsey

Tejas Rodeo

 Dancing and bull riding,  doesn't get much better!

My favorite picture...

What a bunch of good looking "cowboys!"

Chasing the calves to try to get the ribbon from their tail.  So fun to watch my city kiddos get out there in the dirt. Josh's strategy - "I try to stay away from all the cows..."  I'm not sure he quite got the point!

Even torrential, Texas rain couldn't dampen our fun.

The next day we had plenty of hammock time, board games, grilling and plain old hanging out time together.  Having my "girls" here made San Antonio feel just like home.  

Saying goodbye again (even for just a short time) nearly broke my heart into pieces...

Hurry back!!

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