Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Texas... We're HERE!

Look out Texas... the Bentz Bunch has arrived!

The moving process is proceeding.  All of our junk... I mean valuable treasures have arrived to our new home.   A couple casualties along the way... one fish (rest in peace Zapster), several bookcases - I'm weeping, and who know's what else.  This is my new "library area"...

It's wonderful and awful to have someone pack and move you.  Wonderful,  because I didn't have to pack all those dishes and books!  Awful, because they packed it - I can't find a thing!  They truly pack everything - even the trash, dirty dishes (which are covered in mold after a few days - yuck!), and stuff that you would never keep, if you had looked at it!  It's sorta like Christmas, with weird surprises as you unpack.

My kiddos have been amazing.  They are going with the flow... and really stepping up as full time unpackers and organizers - which is the "unit study" we are currently doing!  Moving 101.

My dear friend and her children have been here helping tame the chaos - and helping me "purge" - especially in the kitchen spice department (I have serious spice hoarding issues...).  She also took my kiddos to the park, and made new friends for us!

I met our neighbor bright and early our first day, by backing into his car with my van.  Hope we can be friends anyway...

Last night, two more neighbors stopped by with cookies and dinner, both of them homeschoolers.  One family has 11 kids - I've been "beat"!

Best of all,  we discovered a wonderful bonus to our new property - a very large "green belt" of undeveloped wilderness - just waiting to be explored with our next door neighbor's four kids!  Yeah!!

I'm so thankful for how God goes before us to create a path for us.

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