Thursday, March 16, 2017

Historical Conquests: A PERSONAL Review

Welcome - Noah Bentz!  Today, I have a Guest Reviewer to my blog, my 15 year old son, Noah.  He has discovered a new game he loves, and in true Bentz fashion...can't wait to share it with you!  All comments are his own, he did not receive any merchandise for this review.  He purchased the game on his own, and purely wants to share his experience.  Thanks for reading! 

   Historical Conquest  is a unique and educational, strategy-based card game where multiple players construct teams of famous historical heroes villains, armies, events and more and battle each other.

In each Starter Deck there are 50 cards each card is wonderfully illustrated, and has a historical background biography. There are six starter decks to pick from and each player will need one. Each starter deck has a wide variety of cards throughout history so you may be battling with Black Beard and Abraham Lincoln on the same team.

There are also Booster Packs that come with 20 cards from a specific time period such as World War I, The Roman Era, World War II, The American Revolution, American Civil War, The Crusades, and the Wild West. The game is for all ages and can have pretty much as many players as you want, although it is best with 2-4 players.

Play Mats are available in different designs.  While not essential, they are very useful in keeping score and organizing/protecting your cards during play.  Plus, they're fun.  Here's a couple of examples: D-Day and the American Revolution.  They have a variety of designs to choose from.

 If you can read you can play. You can pick your favorite cards from each deck to make a custom deck and the game is never the same because of the variety of cards that you can customize your decks with. 

The actual game play is similar to a mix of the popular card trading games.  Best of all,  Historical Conquest has no magic which makes it much more family friendly! While your kids (or you) are engaging in mortal combat,  you are also learning history from the biography on each card. 

 Historical Conquest has a wonderful website where you can order their products, and they will answer any questions you have. The staff is amazing and they were wonderfully capable and willing to answer my many questions. 

Zack Edwards (the founder/maker of the game) made the game in college and has worked on perfecting it for ten years just to get everything right and was more than helpful answering my questions personally. Not to mention, Historical Conquest offers free contests for fans to create their own cards and submit them and winner's cards are made into rare cards that people may acquire. 

They offer writing projects that customers may participate in order to acquire the Rare Card of the month by writing a short essay about the subject of the card. This encourages kids (and adults) to not just read about history but to actively think and write about it as well. 

      How to play: 
  • Each player is trying to win buying taking all their opponents land or gaining 3000 morale points. They do this buy playing character down on each of their lands to protect it or playing cards to boost their morale. 
  • There are six land cards in each deck one for each continent (not including Antarctica) that the player will use to build their own unique historical civilization. 
  • The game itself can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes usually. 
  • There are also tournaments held locally in some places where you can go test your skills with other people who play in your area. Not to mention win prizes and see your rankings go up on their national bracketing system. 

     My personal experience with Historical Conquest has been AMAZING! I have had it since February and have played it over twenty times!  New favorite game! And trust me I have a lot of games.  From my 9 year-old sister to my 19 year old brother everybody loves to play. It is not difficult to learn especially with all their YouTube tutorials, so it's something everybody can and will enjoy playing. 

     This is a very well done game, it's not hard to play, every age enjoys it, and it really makes learning history much more fun and entertaining. Historical Conquest is definitely something that you should buy! 

Thanks for reading,   


PS - Check out this video to learn more...

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