Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Trip Around the World - Europe & The Americas

Our first continent - Europe.
Country: Germany
Missionary: George Mueller

We had a story time, and I shared about George Mueller's life with George Mueller: Faith to Feed Ten Thousand (Heroes for Young Readers) They all listened intently!  So inspiring!

We also ate gummy bears (made in Germany) and Pretzels.  But,  I forgot to take pictures!

So - Here's our next stop:
The Americas
Country: Canada
Missionary: Cameron Townsend

This was a fun week!  We explored Canada with edible Inukshuks and Curling.  Two things my south Texas students had NEVER heard about.

Thanks to Pinterest... I found a great activity that was also tasty.  Candy Inukshuks!  

I showed them several videos during class as well.  Back to Pinterest,  I found a great printable Curling game.  My students had a blast using dimes as stones.

This is so much fun to teach...

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