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Circle C Stepping Stones from Kregel Publications and Susan K. Marlow: A TOS Crew Review

Kregel Publications

Andi Saddles UpAndi Under the Big Top

Kregel Publications and Susan K. Marlow have wowed us again with the NEW Circle C Stepping StonesSeries.

This series, designed for ages 7-10,  kicks off with two new adventures - Andi Saddles Up  and Andi Under the Big Top.  These are the first of six stories in this new series.

The stories follow  9 year old Andi and her horse named Taffy as they meet new friends, learn important lessons, and even join the circus!  These stories appeal to both boys and girls are are filled with wonderful character lessons along the way. They are perfect for your readers ready to move up from Circle C Beginnings and onto longer chapter books, but not quite ready for the Circle C Adventures.

My testers are 7 and 9.  They enjoyed the Circle C Beginnings series, and were excited to hear that there was a new way to hear more about Andi.  Thankfully, we got a chance to read both books - so they each could have one!  The olders sisters have been long time Circle C fans as well.

These stories follow the adventures of young Andi and her beloved horse, Taffy.  They are set in the old West, historic gold rush era.  The softcover, chapter books have 12 short chapters.  This is the perfect amount for your young readers to gain confidence in reading.

 Andi Saddles Up - Andi makes a new friend and learns to trick ride.  Important life lessons abound in these stories.

Andi Under the Big Top has Andi and Taffy off on adventures with the travelling circus.  History comes alive with each story as well.

I love that these stories are FILLED with great character lessons, without being "preachy".  My girls have enjoyed reading them over and over, and the next release is always at the top of their book wish list.

In addition to great stories, which are filled with history, geography and character lessons, Susan K Marlow has created free Study Guides for both books.

These downloadable PDF books are around 26-27 pages of additional learning fun you can add to the reading to create a unit study.  She has packed these full for you.

Language arts, math, history, geography, hands on fun and even a handy printable reading schedule! Free coloring pages are also available online.

 These are some of our all-time favorite books (and it takes alot to get put on that list at Bentz Test Laboratory).    Be sure to check them out!

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  1. Thanks for your fun and enthusiastic review of the two latest SS books. So HONORED to be at the top of your Bentz Test Laboratory list. LOL
    Thanks for the shout out about the worksheets too. Always a plus!