Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Foundations Level C from Logic of English: A TOS Crew Reveiw

Logic of English Review
Logic of English Review
Foundations Level C  from Logic of English 

The Bentz Test Laboratory has been using Foundations Level C  from Logic of English for my youngest tester, my 6 year old first grader.  We are HUGE fans of this multi-sensory  approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling.  (You can read about our experience with Level B here).

This program is designed for ages 4-7. Level C Set we have been using includes:
  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Workbook
  • Phonogram Game Tiles
  • Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference Guide

We already had the Basic Phonogram Flash Cards, Red and Blue Phonogram Game Cards and Student Whiteboard from Levels A & B.

 Level C focuses on mastering 27 multi-letter phonograms and 14 spelling rules. This level includes reading short paragraphs and multi-syllable words without sight words or guessing.  

There are 48 Lessons (40 instructional lessons and 8 Assessment and Review lessons) in Level C.  The lessons include:
  • Phonograms &  Phonogram Practice 
  • Spelling Rule & Spelling
  • Phonemic Awareness 
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency Comprehension  
  • Writing

Since we have completed Levels A & B this was perfect for my tester to keep moving forward.  The Student Workbook is brightly colored and very engaging.  She likes to work independently, and this is a great fit for her.  It has large, easy to read print, and multiple size lines for writing practice. Our workbook included the eight nonfiction readers  (mine were tear-outs in the back of the workbook - but, new editions come as a separate bound set)  The Readers focus on finding the main idea, locating key words, and applying other comprehension strategies. The Readers are on of her favorite parts,  she "collects" them.  I guess she is her mama's daughter, collecting books already ;-)

The Teacher Manual is your must-have tool.  This is a very easy, user friendly program to teach.  Everything you need to know is clearly outlined for you in each lesson.  Highlights are included throughout with "Teacher Tips".  Each lesson includes many ways you can customize it to fit your child's needs.  Lots of games and multi-sensory fun activities make it a good fit for all learning styles!

The Phonogram Game Tiles are one of our favorites.  They are sturdy, colored coded tiles for all 74 phonograms taught in the program.  Tiles are color-coded for consonants, vowels, R-controlled phonograms, and silent E's.  We did almost all of our spelling lists with these and my tester loved them!

The Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference Guide is a handy reference tool for both you and your student. It is a heavy cardstock, six-sided reference card that folds to 8 1/2 x 11 inches,  On it you will find Phonograms, Spelling Rules, and more.  This is a great way to review what they are learning. 

My tester has completed Levels A & B and I can honestly tell you - this program has been the most effective phonics instruction we have used!  It's fun and easy to teach, and my tester loves it. It makes me wish I had a couple more children to use it with... 

Be sure to check this one out!

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