Thursday, March 10, 2016

A childhood favorite!

We read one of my all-time favorites for my Co-op literature class... The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.  I still vividly remember reading it in elementary school.

For our crafts, we made our very own bulls. Except for one student...she cut off the horns and made hers a "cow" ;-)  Crayola had a great template you can print out.  Cut out the head and legs, glue them on some leftover cardboard to keep them stiff, and then attach them to one of those toilet paper tubes you have been obsessively collecting (no judgement here... I do it too!)

 Of course, we couldn't read about a bull who would rather sniff flowers all day and NOT make paper flowers!

We did coffee filter flowers.  First, flatten it out and use a washable marker to draw on it.

Then, for the real fun - squirt water on your filter and see what happens to your colors!  (part science lesson too...)

 When we got home, we put our flowers in a vase...  they look great!  And, they don't wilt!

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