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Thick as Thieves from Circle C Milestones: A TOS Crew Review

Thick as Thieves Book Review

Thick as Thieves - Circle C Milestones - $9.99 plus $2.50 shipping & handling

Thick as Thieves is the first book in the Circle C Milestones series.  This 176 page, 26 chapter book is set in the 1880's.  Circle C is a ranch in California.  The main character, Andrea Carter, is a horse-loving 14 year-old girl.   To begin Andi's saga - check out the Circle C Beginnings (ages 6-9), Circle C Adventures (ages 9-14) Circle C Milestones are great for ages 12 and up.  For your sons, check out Goldtown Adventures (ages 8-12).

Horses, Horses, Horses!  Anyone else out there have a horse-crazy daughter like me?  My newly 12 year old daughter has an equine love affair going on... 

When I told her that Susan K. Marlow has a new series,  she jumped up and down!  A huge fan of her other books - she begged (yes, really!) for the new book - Thick as Thieves.  When the book arrived, my daughter disappeared.  She could not put it down!

From the first pages, you are caught up into Andi's world.  She is a plucky, strong, and Godly character.  My tester loves Andi - she's a horse lover, she's got annoying older brothers, and she loves Palominos (so, basically - "she's just like me, Mom!")  This is one of the parts I love best!  It's hard to find fiction for our young ladies that shows them a character that they can use as a role model.  However, this series is a perfect fit - great characters, interesting settings, and a plot that draws you in.  

This is a great addition to our American history studies.  Historical fiction brings the time period to life - the 1880's.  The author weaves suspense and surprise into the story and has you at the edge of your seat.

My tester has really enjoyed growing up with Andi - and living the horse-lovin' life through her eyes.  Since we are smack dab in the middle of suburbia,  this is a wonderful way for her to escape to a different time and place.

Susan K. Marlow's books are more than just an enjoyable read,  woven throughout are valuable life lessons for your children to learn as well.  Friendship is a main theme in this story as Andi must learn to overcome differences and trust others.

Be sure to check out the FREE - downloadable Study Guide - 40-page study guide contains not only vocabulary and comprehension questions, but also further explorations of the themes in the book, including the care of horses and a closer look at some of the places that Andi would have been exposed to in her late 19th century lifetime. There are crossword puzzles, diagrams, a foal timeline to fill in, and even math problems from 1880. We learned about lice, cattle rustling, and the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. This additional resource turns this into a fun unit study for your horse lovers!

You can also check out Andi's Blog - a fun way to learn more about her and her life.  Pictures of Andi and her family, ranch news and more - a great place to visit!

You can read a sample chapter of the book here - Warning - you'll be hooked!

Circle C Milestones Book 2, Heartbreak Trail, coming July 2015

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  1. Thanks for the enthusiastic review! You about covered it all. I was about to mention that your "Andi-like" DD might like more of Andi on the blog, but you beat me to it. :-) I'm so glad she loved the book.

    I love your banner. I counted all your little people, and you've matched my own DD, who also has 8 and homeschools, AND 4 boys and 4 girls (I think I identified the boys and girls correctly on your banner). It looks like your 3 oldest are boys, as our hers! She would no doubt want to meet you!

  2. Okay, I looked closer. Is your children's birth order:
    If so, that is identical to my DD's! 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2.

    We sometimes feel sorry for the 6 year old boy smashed between 2 sets of girls.