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Early Elementary K-3, Book 3: Modern Painting and Sculpture from ARTistic Pursuits : A TOS Crew Review

ARTistic Pursuits Review
Art.  Can you hear the hyperventilating of homeschool moms everywhere?  This subject strikes fear and trembling into some of us... the idea of brushes, paper, and **gasping** PAINT can make the most devoted homeschool teacher cower in the corner!

Okay,  maybe I'm being a tad overdramatic...but, ART is a subject that frequently makes me sweat.  How am I going to teach something that I am so "personally challenged" in?

Thankfully, ARTistic Pursuits is here to rescue us.  They produce full art curriculum for grades K-12 (start breathing again...)  I am a LONG time fan of this company and have used many of their books over the years with the testers at Bentz Test Laboratory.  They make it so easy to teach quality art, that even those of us in corner can come out and play :-)

Our newest art adventure is from Early Elementary K-3, Book 3: Modern Painting and Sculpture.  This book covers 36 projects which will introduce the artists, styles and mediums from Impressionist to Modern Eras.  Different mediums are practiced, including painting and sculpture .  These books are thoughtfully designed to teach your child to observe, think critically, and create. 

The lessons are clearly outlined with necessary materials & pictures to guide you through the process.  One of my favorite parts of this curriculum is the information about the artist's time and perspective.  Questions to help you guide your student into observing critically are included as well. My testers are much more likely to look at art in a deeper way after working in these books. 

This books covers greats like Monet, Renoir, Cassat, Seurat, Van Gogh.  After spending time with the Impressionists - they move on to more modern art movements like Cubism, Assemblage, Abstract, Realism and even Computer Art.

They recommend scheduling one lesson a week, and completing the full book over the course of one year. Throughout the book you will find children's book and video suggestions to add to your art studies.

I have found that just leaving this book in an available location can result in children getting interested in creating art on their own!

Here's a couple of projects we worked on... rather than opening and beginning with Lesson 1, I decided to let them pick a few projects that caught their fancy to start with.

First - we read some information and history on the artist.  Then,  I took a deep breath - and gave them paints...

It wasn't even that scary, and the book inspired me to "go off plan" and have them create a color wheel in the "points" style too!  Hey,  maybe this art thing's not that bad after all... plus, we're having fun!

Watch out Seraut, there's some new kids in town!

 That went so well, we decided to try a new technique - Assemblage.   With step-by-step instructions and some creativity - we were creating our own 3-D art.  I love that many of the materials are common household "odds and ends" and not only expensive art supplies.  You can buy supplies directly from Artistic Pursuits as well. 



Giraffes, dinosaurs and A TEXAS Long-horn... of course!

 Remember, I said if you left this book out...  My middle schooler found it and decided to create on her own project, completely independently. 


You don't need to be afraid of teaching art any longer.  If we can do it (with the help of ARTistic Pursuits) you can too! We're all proud of what we created, and I even had fun :-)
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  1. I bet my third grader would love some of these projects. Thanks for sharing pictures of all their work. I love seeing kids' art projects.